Mosquito Lagoon

My son took me to Mosquito Lagoon yesterday to chase tailing redfish with the fly rods. Drizzled rain the entire time
but I had a blast. Casting to tailing fish in very shallow water was so much fun in the shadow of the Space X Falcon 9 being readied for Monday's launch. It's certainly a different world than Alligator Point. Then this blew up and chased us off the water, we got the skiff loaded on the trailer just as it hit, it made for a exciting race back to the ramp. The photo was take by a friend of my son's who on there as well.


  • fishinbugfishinbug Posts: 267 Deckhand
    That is a nasty looking storm. Mosquito Lagoon is an amazing place. Did you get any redfish to eat the fly?
  • BayBobBayBob Posts: 664 Officer
    A few, I'm a novice with the fly rod, but it's fun. I found it to be like hunting quail or pheasant, only casting to fish you see tailing or moving in the shallows rather than blind casting hoping there is a fish around. The lagoon is full of reds and trout.
  • trout069trout069 Posts: 4,058 Captain
    Glad y'all found some. More gator trout in the lagoon than other places.
  • tk's joytk's joy Posts: 2,490 Officer
    That's a pretty incredible picture.

  • Knot LeftKnot Left Posts: 72 Greenhorn
    Pretty cool photo. Was it photoshopped or is that raw?
  • BayBobBayBob Posts: 664 Officer
    Friends cell phone that he snapped just before he headed to the ramp. The storm boiled up very fast and we had to hustle to beat it. They appeared to be transporting the rocket from the assembly building to the launch pad but I don't know if it made it there. It seemed to me the rocket was very vulnerable.
  • SloughSlough S.w. Ga./ St. JamesPosts: 3,198 Captain
  • hooknredshooknreds Posts: 2,457 Captain
    Sweet, sounds fun!
  • FamilyfisherFamilyfisher Posts: 2,534 Captain
    Great pic!

    Where did y'all launch?
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  • ferris1248ferris1248 North GeorgiaPosts: 13,575 Moderator
    Thanks. That's an impressive squall line.
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  • BayBobBayBob Posts: 664 Officer
    Great pic!

    Where did y'all launch?

    South of Oak Hill and north of the closed bridge, WSEG ramp, a terrible ramp down a long potholed dirt road made more difficult leaving in the storm. It was a lesson is why it called mosquito lagoon but once on the water it's a fascinating and beautiful part of Florida.
  • FamilyfisherFamilyfisher Posts: 2,534 Captain
    We spent July 4th week in Titusville. Got to see a launch too! We ran from Cocoa all the way to Haulover regularly in the river. Went into Moquito Lagoon a couple of times.
    Proverbs 13:3
  • FS ShelbyFS Shelby Posts: 680 Officer
    Great report, thanks for sharing with the FS forum community!

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