Couple Accused in Beating Over Cold Chicken



  • stc1993stc1993 Albany, GA Carrabelle, FLPosts: 4,350 Captain
    I just got back from jury duty. Didn't get picked for the case. 2 young black girls beat a used car dealer with baseball bats. He was a 56 yo white male. They didn't pick any white males for the jury just 2 women.

    I hope they put the outcome on the news they are claiming self defense from what I could tell from the questions the defense attorney asked.
  • SAENoleSAENole Posts: 9,711 Admiral
    Salesman told them they couldn't use their 19 EBT cards as payment and they brought out the Louisville sluggers.
    I may be entitled to compensation.
  • MRichardsonMRichardson Posts: 5,955 Admiral
    This is in GA right?
    I don't see why they don't just put a bullet in each of the **** nogs' noggins
    and toss em in hte swamp.
  • mplspugmplspug Lake Mary, FloridaPosts: 5,727 Admiral
    Maybe he sold them a lemon?

    Captain Todd Approves

  • ResinheadResinhead Posts: 8,777 Admiral
    Thread is looking up!
  • MenziesMenzies Posts: 19,289 AG
    mplspug wrote: »
    Maybe he sold them a lemon?

    No it was definitely fried chicken, not lemon chicken.
    Maybe if we tell people that the brain is an App, they will start using it.
  • tunamantunaman Posts: 3,701 Captain
    I hope someone knocks his butt out every day in prison, soon as he gets up in the morning......BANG!
  • Tim FredTim Fred Posts: 94 Greenhorn
    Update: News says they were sentenced yesterday (January 11.).
    Him to serve eight years and her to serve two years.
  • Florida Ex-patFlorida Ex-pat Posts: 395 Deckhand
    Tim Fred wrote: »
    Update: News says they were sentenced yesterday (January 11.).
    Him to serve eight years and her to serve two years.

    Wow justice comes quick in GA. Out here in CA there would have been much more thought given to alternative solutions for the obvious societal injustices heaped upon the perpetrators. But we are so much more sensitive out here and I for one feel much safer because of it.
  • Nick NikonNick Nikon Posts: 1,729 Captain
    It's surprising that it took so long to catch those dirtbags.

    Last news was that the U.S. Marshall's were looking for them.

    Best guess is that their relatives got tired of having the cops drop by unannounced.

    Without a place to hide, they probably had little choice and no other options.

    Hope the assault victims sue the dirtbags, and take all of their numerous cars.

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