Penn 4500ss no anti reverse.

I have 2 4500ss one that has no anti-reverse, also have one that goes in and out.
I'd like to get both up and running for the Grand Kids to use.
Any help would be appreciated.


  • 12bhunting12bhunting Posts: 290 Officer
    Have you strip them down yet to take a look? Very easy to disassemble them and see what the problem is.
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 2,696 Captain
    Before you tear one down -get the schematic for that model and look it over. The following outfit not only has schematics - but also any parts you might need (and they're very good about noting which parts are no longer available - an important factor with an older reel like a 4500ss...).

    And if you're not interested in the DIY route - almost any competent tackle shop that repairs reels will be able to tear down, clean and repair a Penn reel - provided they can get the needed parts... Good luck and post up how it works out.
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    Bob LeMay
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  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,083 Officer
    I have one that I inherited with a house I bought that had no anti reverse also. I tore it down and cleaned the old congealed grease out and it's working great.
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 2,696 Captain
    A surprising number of the reels I service are in that same category... particularly if anyone used "3 in 1" oil as a lubricant... the stuff just turns to varnish over time. I've worked on many a reel that only needed a good cleaning - and hardly a single part (except I always replace the soft drag washers - even if they look to be in usable condition...). As each part comes off the reel it's dropped in a mineral spirits bath (most hardware stores carry mineral spirits - usually labelled as "paint thinner". I use an old toothbrush to scrub each part after it's been sitting in the bath for an hour or so and they come out looking like new.... Any metal parts showing a bit of corrosion get buffed off on a powered wire brush wheel to complete the cleaning... Older reels (they haven't made that 4500ss in more than 20 years now...) are fun to work on - if you can get parts...
    Tight Lines
    Bob LeMay
    (954) 435-5666
  • snookwhisperersnookwhisperer Posts: 213 Deckhand
    Thanks for all the good info, have to take them down and see what I have. The 4500ss were our main flats reel for a lot of years.
    My Wife still fishes hers.

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