Lake Butler

We fished Butler Chain the 4 th 5 th and 6 of February last weekend. Didn't catch any really big Bass 3 lb the biggest but a bunch of 2 to 2 1/2 fish. Had over 50 fish for the weekend. Most caught on gold husky jerk. 15 to 20 feet of water outside grass lines. Hope this can help somebody!


  • mcacorsemcacorse Posts: 26 Greenhorn

    You did better than me. I was on the lake afternoon of the 5 th and 12th and only managed 2 bass on day and 1 the second. I saw them in the 15' but could not get them hooked up. I did see some schoolers busting on Tibet but a jet skier knocked um down before I could get on them. Was windy both days. I haven't fished butler in over a year so that's my story a dim sticking to it. Wish I had some shiners.
  • Buckeye JohnBuckeye John Posts: 62 Greenhorn
    Grandson and I fished Yesterday 16th caught over 20. Nothing over 2 1/2 but fun fishing 10 to 12 ft of water. Same as before number 10 and 12 Husky Jerk Gold.
  • Buckeye JohnBuckeye John Posts: 62 Greenhorn
    Well back to earth ! Fished yesterday only managed 6 Bass all day. Fish still there but could not get them to hit. Saw some surface action but no takers. Really makes you appreciate those GOOD DAYS !
  • mcacorsemcacorse Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    Keep on them John, I have not been able to get out.
  • Buckeye JohnBuckeye John Posts: 62 Greenhorn
    Got out Monday. Tried to get an early start but got a phone call from work didn't get out till noon. We had 8 Bass biggest was 4.7 one 3.4 and 2 more right at 3. Best quality fish we've had in a while. I think there starting to move up, we saw a couple of beds. water temp. right at 70 degrees. Got one week left and then have to head back North.
  • mcacorsemcacorse Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    Yeah I think we're right at that transition time now. They still all coming on the husky jerk
  • GotBass?GotBass? Posts: 202 Deckhand
    Thank for the reports!
  • Buckeye JohnBuckeye John Posts: 62 Greenhorn
    Yes on the Husky Jerk and a couple on KVD Slash Jerk Bait Chrome Ayu.
  • Buckeye JohnBuckeye John Posts: 62 Greenhorn
    Any one doing any good on the Butler chain ? Coming back down in December. Thanks John.

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