FPI WAHOO and PHIN Rough quick report 1-16-17

Today was the only day that I could arrange a trip that my father and grandfather could both go on. I knew the seas weren't going to be great, but my grandfather / fathers boat is a 37' with IPS and usually fairs very well in rough weather. forecast was 3-5 @ 10 sec, it was more like 3-6' with very short interval like 5 seconds.

We dropped lines in at 100' around 10am and trolled out to 200' and when we started to turn in 200' we noticed a decent amount of scattered weeds (kept having to clear lines) and we got bit. Mid distance center line from the boat pink and white islander (seastar) on prerigged ballyhoo with wire. I was thinking big dolphin at first, saw a flash of blue but never saw any acrobatics. We cleared the other lines, and got the fish to the back of the boat and saw the zebra. As soon as he saw the boat he took a smoking run, we got him back up and in the boat (barely)


At this point I called the trip a success and said lets start heading back in. We decided to troll on the way back in and picked up a small dolphin, it was too rough for me to try messing with keeping him at the back of the boat to entice some of her buddies.

Ran back in cleaned the boat, and filleted the fish all was good!

Wahoo ended up weighing 19 lbs a great day of fishing for my holiday with my father and grandfather despite the rough weather.

STS2/SS Submarine Veteran :USA
USCG Licensed Captain OUPV


  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,007 AG
    That first photo is a classic! That needs to be framed and put on somebody's wall! (Hint for a future B/day present!)
    "Key Largo is too small to have a town drunk, so we all take turns."
  • BarracudaBarracuda Posts: 758 Officer
    Gary M wrote: »
    That first photo is a classic! That needs to be framed and put on somebody's wall! (Hint for a future B/day present!)

    I agree, stripes look awesome, crew pumped! Nice work !

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  • e-moneye-money Posts: 4,257 Officer
    Nice going and thx for report
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