11/23/16 offshore full fishbox

Had a group of 5 join me to head offshore in search of some meat for a thanksgiving feast for 12. Left the dock at 645 AM from the cape coral yacht club and made the trek out thru Redfish Pass. Sea Conditions were decent with 2-3s on the way out laying down to less than 2 ft as the day progressed. Spent the majority of the day in 60-75 ft of water.

The morning bite started off pretty decent with a flurry of porgies, grouper, and big key west grunts making their way to the fishbox. And like a light switch going off, so did the bite. We bounced around for 45 minutes, and had some great shows on the screen, but the fish had gone into lockjaw mode. I Figure it was the tide switch.

Made a move about 6 miles and marked some good shows, and it was game on again. We put another 5 keeper grouper in the boat, and dozens of good size Lane and Porgies.

As Darwin's theory suggests, the biggest fish always comes on the smallest rod. This held true this trip as well with The biggest grouper at 27" coming on a 4000 penn battle with a 2/0 circle hook and 30 lb leader. A 25" Grouper followed suit on the same combo....

Was a great day on the water with excellent company.





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  • ComandanteComandante Posts: 268 Deckhand
    Excellent catch Dan! Hope you had some help cleaning that box full.
    Capt. Gabe Kovacs 1600 ton master
  • LMKLMK Posts: 505 Officer
    Looks like a great day, very nice!!!
  • NailerNailer Posts: 289 Deckhand
    WOW! Nice.
  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,429 Moderator
    Looks like a great fish fry to me.
  • RMDRMD Posts: 1,796 Officer
    Nice job out there. Sometimes dialing down the tackle is what you need to do when the bite is slow.
  • Capt Dan MedinaCapt Dan Medina Posts: 509 Officer
    comandante, The guy who put the trip together is a regular of mine. He likes to clean his own fish... makes it a whole lot easier on me!

    LMK and NAiler. Thanks, was a solid trip.

    Larry, they should be eating well for more than just one meal!

    RMD, weused pretty much the same tackle all day with good results. The gentleman was relatively new to fishing, and had been using a big 9500 spinner targeting grouper all day. He had caught a few, but the bites from the grouper were far more spaced out than the other fish. We were in nice school of snapper when i swapped out the bigger spinner for the smaller spinner. Go figure the big grouper showed up at the same time. Those 12-15lb grouper on snapper gear sure make it fun and challenging!
    www.SaltyFishingCharters.com 26 ft Glacier Bay Catamaran
    Offshore Fishing Charters FT Myers, Sanibel, Captiva, Cape Coral
  • MuskyChaserMuskyChaser Posts: 134 Deckhand
    Nice ones!
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  • stoutnerstoutner Posts: 236 Officer
    Very Nice!
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