9/10/16 Offshore out of Redfish pass close in to 50 ft a little windy.

Got a call from Craig and his wife Donna needed a fishing fix. Sat. was the day, winds were a steady 10 to 15 out of the east Mary decided to not go as it would be pretty bumpy. Plan was to hit a ledge about 20 miles out if seas would allow for a nice ride, no such luck. There were large swells as we cleared the pass and a chop on top of the swells. The trip was not going to be the longer run but to the same ledge I hit last trip out with Mary and Tileman.
Bait was shrimp, squid, fish heads from my last trip and cans of chum. Bite was steady on the lanes and short reds and mangos the two keepers came on lane fish heads. Then we see a boat approaching us on a collision course, there were no other boats to be seen on the water. It was the FWC patrol boat they pulled along side threw the big bumpers out so they could board us. It was not going to be pretty if they were going try as the swells were 4 ,5 or more. The Capt. asks if we caught any fish and wants to see them, I held the two grouper up as I yelled their size to him. Told him the rest were 10inch or longer lanes. Then he checks out my registration sticker on the boat. Whishes us well and stay safe. then off he goes. They were very professional and friendly.

I don`t like to hit these close in numbers too often as they are not very large. Come on fall weather.


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