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okay so i bought a trevala s jigging rod a lil less then a year ago. alot of people pointed me to this rod/reel combo here in this forum from my previous thread (! ) i made while looking for the right setup. one the reason i bought it was for the life time warranty it came with. problem im having with my rod is on my previous fishing trip offshore when i hooked a fish one my guides came completely off. then when i started to inspect my rod the first 3-4 guides after the rod tip are starting to show they about to fall off since the epoxy? from the top are starting to come off the top the guide. second guide down super lose now also. those first couple guides dont have the top arm extension like the last 5 guides. couple them starting to show slight rust. i do rinse and dry all my stuff religiously as i have 20+year old rods and reel that work flawless. also where you twist to put the reel tight to the rod just keeps spinning. so what actually hold the reel is the reel safety lock sort of arm. (its a conventional rod) so how i go about sending it to you guys to either fix or replace my rod under warranty? gotta get back to jigging asap it my addiction:fishing

thanks in advance
Hobie outback


  • FishShimanoFishShimano Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    Hey Sammy2198- I would suggest that you contact Shimano's Customer Service and explain the details of the situation to them. 877-577-0600 We'll do everything we can to get you back to jigging ASAP. Thanks.
  • sammy2189sammy2189 Posts: 998 Officer
    Ok cool I'll be getting in contact with shimano customer serivice
    Hobie outback
  • sammy2189sammy2189 Posts: 998 Officer
    So I shipped My rod today and a representative told me to cut the rod in half to save on shipping!
    Hobie outback

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