Ft Myers Offshore - Xmas ridge 4/4/15

This was our first trip out to this area along with our buddy on his 31 Contender. We pulled into Punta Rassa at 5am and went out to net some pilchards, A span only held under the light in the darkness. My friend arrived and we went and netted some pilchards and pinfish at the picnic island flat. Around 7:30 we broke through Red Fish Pass and were on our way out to 230' of water.

The whole ride out was uneventful, no shows or spikes in the AM. Around 11 am we finally made it out there to the area. Had a few reference numbers and started driving around, my friend found a nice ridge but couldn't get anything to bite. We ran over to it and managed two nice scamps and a good sized red grouper.

In the middle of a drift, I see some tuna busting nearby. Threw out a few dozen hand fulls of pilchards and they were busting close! Grabbed a lure and tossed and managed to land a nice little skipjack. We could have had a dozen of these but wanted to focus more on the grouper.

Drove around some more but didn't find a whole lot going on in the morning, I'm sure we could have found some more later in the evening but we had to start working our way in as in the evening the forecast was supposed to deteriorate.

Running back in stopped by the Roatan and there was plenty clean water, dropped a live bait for one Aj and then kept heading in. In 165' we stopped at an old number and threw back the endangered red snapper. Left this area for June when we will hopefully be able to keep some of them.

In 155' we found a nice spike, fished it and found some beautiful scamps and large red grouper mixed in. We were primarily using pinfish on a carolina rig with 12oz of lead with 80lb flouro.

Left that spot and continued in, not more then two miles we found another spike. Very similar and could see the hard rocky bottom down 150'. Did a few more drifts and produced some more nice red grouper and massive scamps. I went over to the lighter tackle, 30lb flouro and an 8oz lead on a 6/0 circle hook. I dropped a nice live sardine down and before I hit bottom I was on. Landed a 33" scamp on an 8k saragosa.

We also got into some of the largest american reds I have personally caught offshore here. We landed a few that were all 34" they were mixed in with the scamps and red grouper as well.

We ended the day with arriving back at Punta Rassa at 9:30 in the evening. The last 20 miles were a bit bumpy with the 15 mph sustained winds out of the north. It was a great day, we travelled 249 miles with the furthest point being 108 miles from punta rassa. Final tally, 8 scamps, 8 red grouper, 1 Aj, 1 skipjack.

Until next time!

Tight lines, Chris :fishing:fishing:fishing
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2005 Yellowfin 31 df/250's


  • frankiezfrankiez Posts: 389 Deckhand
    awesome job! Man, those were some huge scamps. Congrats!
  • nfairbanknfairbank Posts: 259 Deckhand
    Nice catch
    ><))))*> So Many Fish, So Little Time
  • Tight LoopsTight Loops Posts: 205 Officer
    Great Report. The BIG runs pay off with BIG fish.
  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,480 Moderator
    I have to hand it to you and your crew, it sure is a long day. Chris your detailed reports are always the best.
  • RMDRMD Posts: 1,796 Officer
    Nice job on a cool and productive trip! Love those scamp. Thinking of doing a real deep trip next month.
  • FinsfanFinsfan Posts: 604 Officer
    Now thats an offshore trip, nicely done.
  • stoutnerstoutner Posts: 239 Deckhand
    Finsfan wrote: »
    Now thats an offshore trip, nicely done.

    Ditto! Nice Job.
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  • NailerNailer Posts: 296 Deckhand
    So very COOL!!! How much fuel dose it take to travel 250 miles like you did?
  • VeikxVeikx Posts: 611 Officer
    We burned 187 gallons.. We are looking into buying a fuel bladder to make more of those long trips.
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    2005 Yellowfin 31 df/250's
  • Baja280Baja280 Posts: 440 Deckhand
    Awesome catch, xmas ridge didn't yield anything great for us as well a few weeks ago. i just bought a 150 gallon bladder from ATL, 150gal. fuellocker we used it to go to xmas ridge/the wall/springs 2-3 weeks ago. it is by far the best way to travel with fuel, we did the 50 gal drum, but not very safe.
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  • Aquaman13Aquaman13 Posts: 84 Deckhand
    Nice catch!

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