Bonito.. Blast Fishing at it's best!

FlyFishJaxFlyFishJax Posts: 51 Deckhand
Gotta love the hottest time of the year! We had a great fly bite and reel screaming test this past Sunday 8/17 out of St. Augustine with about 12-15 of these speedsters running between 9-12 lb. on the 9wt. We also caught some on spin gear to. What a blast!



  • sparse greysparse grey Posts: 1,744 Captain
    Very nice. That water really is alive. Better pic of fly or did it not really matter?
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  • FlyFishJaxFlyFishJax Posts: 51 Deckhand
    It really really didn't matter they were in an eating frenzy! :fishing
  • ShadowcastShadowcast Posts: 1,009 Officer
    Awesome action Rich!
    Capt. Jon Bull
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  • FlyFishJaxFlyFishJax Posts: 51 Deckhand
    Shadowcast wrote: »
    Awesome action Rich!

    Hey Jon good to hear from you! Thank all for the comments. I just added a video to the post. Hope you enjoy!
  • Colorado TroutbumColorado Troutbum Posts: 102 Officer
    Outstanding video editing/music etc FlyFishJax, looks like it was a blast.
    I have a question about fighting stance and rod angles; not trying to disparage the angler in any way but to educate myself…2:20 & 3:50 the fly rod was just about doubled over; I’ve been told that’s a quick way to a snapped rod, more so on stronger saltwater fish than fresh & instead to try to pressure the fish from the side when possible, or lower the rod tip into the water to reduce the angle when bringing them straight up like that…Any one have opinions/recommendations/experience either way?
  • Sage ManSage Man Posts: 195 Officer
    I can chime in.

    We live on the Alabama coast. Years ago (I mean like 20) I got a 12 Wt and was going to catch a cobia around the many oil rigs off our coast. I had a buddy driving my boat and we're running and gunning from rig to rig. Sometimes you'll see a cobia to cast to. On this particular rig I don't see a fish but cast into the rig and a "cobia" takes my fly. I lift my rod and set the hook in a perfect the guy in the Orvis logo. :nono

    Long story new rod snaps in two. To complete the humiliation, it's about a two pound hardtail.

    Moral of the story....don't highstick. :rotflmao
  • Reel AggressiveReel Aggressive Posts: 261 Officer
    I just found a school of false albies in tampa bay last week! I cant wait to sling some feathers and fur at them. One of my favorite species on fly.

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