SHRIMP 5 Gallons = ? Lbs ?

I know it would depend on the size you were getting ,as in a bucket of medium shrimp should weigh more than large or jumbos because they would pack in tighter?
Anyway I was just wondering if anyone has a rough idea + - how much a bucket full might weigh? Getting tooled up to go this week for the first time in 20 plus years so I can't wait .Going out of Palmo St. Johns Co.
Hope to have something to report!


  • kajokajo Posts: 4,619 Moderator
    i would guess you are looking at about 20-25 to be safe i would not go over 20lbs and you

    should be dead on..

    hope Ben will chime in on this..he will know closer than i will.
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  • pupraiserpupraiser Posts: 10,261 Officer
    Depends on the size of the bucket. If I recall properly, 5 gallons of shrimp will yield about 24 pounds of tails.
  • APEAPE Posts: 972 Officer
    Heads on whole shrimp average 35lbs per regular 5 gallon bucket.
  • the great wallthe great wall Posts: 254 Officer
    For mediums and larges, from shands 5 gallons = 30lbs to the first line, I heard if you top off the bucket its actually 6 gallons.
  • deepcdiverdeepcdiver Posts: 241 Officer
    I agree with APE......35lbs heads on
  • bswivbswiv Posts: 6,817 Admiral
    35 is what we generally figure......heads on.
  • Rookie77Rookie77 Posts: 82 Deckhand
    We have been three days in the past month. Each day we had 5 gallons of mainly large and jumbos from near Shands. Each day was right on 25lbs--heads on.

    Also, most "5 gallon" buckets hold 6 gallons. 5 gallons is roughly 2 inches down from the top.
  • Black WaterBlack Water Posts: 140 Deckhand
    APE wrote: »
    Heads on whole shrimp average 35lbs per regular 5 gallon bucket.

    Ditto. What he said :Agree
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