Yankee Capts june 6-8

I'm gonna try to keep this one short.So I got lucky to be on the many few trips this year where the Elusive American Red Snappers(EARS).I have been on the Yankee Capts many times before and as arrive I to the mothership and begin to unload,I notice that this is going to be a full trip,I heard it was 38ppl,great!!!!oh well let's make the best of it,after unloading normally I start to get to know the anglers that will be fishing around me,Thank God I had 2 veterans to each of my sides,but beyond them were the chicken riggers :banghead,5pm rolls by and the engine cranks up.The man upstairs says over the speaker that we should start fishing around midnight,I got exited because normally A longer run means better fishing plus I knew he was going to make a run into the gulf to find the (EARS).So on the way out I troll a little billy bait to see if I can pick up some fresh Mackeral or anything else,first hit was a barracuda around 10 lbs and about 2 hours later right before sundown a nice 8lb kingfish,perfect just what I needed.So we get to the grounds right at midnight,first stop is 160ft and within a few minutes the pinkies start to come over the rail,after a while it died down and then came sunset city,the current was ripping ridiculously needed at least 16oz just to hold,current was going straight aft.So I decide to walk to the back of the boat and sling out a kingfish rig,on my 3rd attempt I get whacked and it's a solid 25lb king

As soon as I get him up the crew of young guys in the back begin to do the same and they pull out a respectable 15lb wahoo.sorry guys I didn't really take any pics,so if anyone that is reading this report was on this trip pls send in your pics,anyways shortly after we move to 200ft and see what the conditions are like and it is worse now I was using 20oz to hold good.It was pretty slow picking through out the day till about 3 pm where we hit a spot that we did good on the pinkies and a nice 28lb black came up.I got 3 muttons on that spot,but I was using the longest leader I have ever used about 30 ft.Ohh I almost forgot,all the yellowtails,grunts and porgies that u can wish for,the chicken riggers were getting their limits pretty quick,but I wasn't there for that,honestly the trip went down hill from there,capt Greg put allot of effort in moving the boat to find new area and hope for less current to maybe fish for the (EARS) but ocean was protecting them better than the FWC.We made to kind runs about an hour each and current was smoking,Saturday night was slow but yellowtails were thick,I dropped whole live yellowtails all night and got hit every time ,unfortunately they were sharks,maybe 2 were groupers but got popped off.Ohhh yea on a side note earlier on the trip say 6pm Saturday there was a Goliath grouper swallowing all the muttons coming up,I'm talking about 10-12lb muttons,he would swallowing them and eventually if u were patient after about 15 min he would give it back all scale less,I know because an angler battled him and brought it up,he was about 100lbs.So to conclude this journey we hit our sunrise city spot and last spot and not much was happening so I decided to finish my snapper limit and get some tails here,which I did get some nice ones,trip ended and the (EARS) were protected again not one,man that sucked considering we had greasy calm seas.Here are a couple of pics sent from Sherry,she was fishing next to me.

Ohh and last but not least I made the cut for the brochure.:dance

Give the Yankee Capts a call guys they are great at what they do,thank to the entire crew.


  • bite my baitbite my bait Posts: 459 Deckhand
    Sorry guys can't get these pics upright,hope u enjoy
  • globalwavetrackerglobalwavetracker Posts: 227 Deckhand
    The EARS certainly did get protected. It is such a contrast to have little or no current at Hydrographer Canyon in 650' last w/e while you are battling the tide in the Gulf. Can't be the moon? Did you use a circle hook on the 30' leader? Presume that they hook themselves by the time you feel their run-off? Never fished longer than 15' but with circles off Jacksonville with 20oz banks which seemed to worked on everything including muttons.
  • bite my baitbite my bait Posts: 459 Deckhand
    Yes ,circle hook on the leader ,they were basically hooked when u felt the bite,but the current was too strong all u would feel was a nibble,almost like a yellowtail bite.i believe the moon had something to do with it,but I know if we had the conditions,we would have murdered them.
  • Yankee CaptsYankee Capts Posts: 740 Officer
    Thanks for writing up a report Bricks, good to see you.

    Just in from another charter. Hard east current still up on the reef. Forced to fish up in the channel, very slow bite.

    Hoping for a change for the weekend.

  • cudamancudaman Posts: 402 Officer
    Nice report, congrats and thanks for posting. :beer
    I only keep what I eat or will use for bait.
    I release all sharks.
  • gs535gs535 Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    I was out there with you Bricks. I was up in the bow. Saturday night was rough fishing. I got 2 muttons on the last stop to push my total to 5. I also got that cero on a jig. Was hopping for more. Too many people fishing with braid on a full boat. I figured my group did better than most, we had about 20 muttons and one of those big blacks. Left me wanting to go again.
  • bite my baitbite my bait Posts: 459 Deckhand
    Hey bud,nice to see u here on the forum.yea ur group did do some damage.let me know if u guys do another Tortugas trip,maybe we can fish together again.
  • MuttonManiac248MuttonManiac248 Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    Hey man, im a little late but i stumbled upon this post. Anyways here is the hoo i caught and the grouper that was caught.
  • bite my baitbite my bait Posts: 459 Deckhand
    Nice pics mutton maniac,thanks for sharing
  • HawkboatHawkboat Posts: 1,030 Officer
    Nice job Bricks, hope to se you in the fall. Let me know if you have any plans for Sept or Oct
    Capt Bill
  • bite my baitbite my bait Posts: 459 Deckhand
    Yes maybe October Hawkboat,will keep in touch
  • Tuna catcherTuna catcher Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    Another one with muttonmaniac
  • bite my baitbite my bait Posts: 459 Deckhand
    Another one with muttonmaniac
    I'm guessing u just got back from ricks charter on the Yankee Capts huh?beautiful catch

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