Late report 4/27/14 offshore venice

Getting everything set up for the business, brought the new boat over on Saturday to fish on Sunday. It was a long slow journey over from Riviera Beach to Venice but she is now sitting in her new home. Anyways started off a little late because I couldn't transfer the numbers over and the gps was acting up. I have a handheld with just a few numbers that are alright in it so I brought that along. Found out that I need to replace the transducer because that thing was shot. So there I am in 125' with basically no numbers and a crap bottom reader. Well to make matters worse, because the trip was rushed I left a lot of tackle at the house. Wouldn't you know that this was the day the Blackfin would decide to be everywhere and only feed on really tiny baitfish. I mean I didn't even have a spoon to throw at them. We decided to focus on grouper since that is all we could do. Fishing was really slow from the reports on here so I guess ending the day with 14 or 15 without numbers or a depth finder was pretty good. You know it reminded me of a time without all the great electronics we have now and without established numbers. Just goes to show you that even without them you can still get it done if you are determined. Took a long time but the pluses of a beautiful day and an amazing new boat to ride in kept the spirits high. Tight lines everyone!


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