My 6 year old got a trophy hog on his first kill

MojitoMojito Posts: 222 Officer
A couple of friends and I took over a lease in June and have been figuring it out as we go. Lots of hogs, some deer, and lots of turkeys. My wife is new to hunting (killed her first deer and hog in the same week last year at Christmas). I have a 10 year daughter who is coming around on the whole hunting thing and my 6 yr old boy is ate up with it. His grandfather handed down an old Franchi 20 gauge to him before he was born. This fall my wife and I bought them a CVA Hunter single shot in .243 to start them on their hunting journey. Lots of bullets and lots of practice over the last couple of months has seen both of them evolve into safety minded shooters who can hit where they aim. A great report card from my sons 1st grade teacher was the deal maker. Thanksgiving weekend he was going to our woods with his rifle to hunt his first hog. Friday afternoon started slowly in the blind, until a couple of coons showed up to entertain him till the feeder went off. The dinner bell rang and we had only one guest show up (the dead hog below). This bad boy turned broadside at 30yds. and my son aimed his shooter and proclaimed he was ready. As a precaution I drew down on him with my .308 to make certain of a clean, humane kill. It turned out my rifle would not be needed. My boy dropped the hammer and I watched in awe as the pig stumbled spraying blood for about 25 yds. till he fell dead. I am certain all the fathers on this forum were equally proud of their child's first kill as I am of mine. The difference for me is I get to share it with all of you at a time of year when we all celebrate being thankful for our families, who we are, what we do, and this great country we live in. Other than getting to brag a little bit, I am hopeful that while my forum brothers are reading this it will bring back the memories of their children's first hunt for them to enjoy again, as well as inspire those fathers who have not been lucky enough yet to experience the adrenaline rush like no other. Everyone should quit talking about it and go do it. I am certain it has changed my relationship with my son forever.

Happy Holidays everyone,


  • fishknutfishknut Posts: 3,925 Captain
    Very cool. Congrats to you both
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  • anglingarchitectanglingarchitect Posts: 1,480 Officer
    He's going to have a hard time toping that hog, and you will never top the experience you shared with him.

    Happy Holidays
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  • Angler_2600Angler_2600 Posts: 1,082 Officer
    Awesome story and nice boar
  • Snookslayer772Snookslayer772 Posts: 170 Officer
    Really enjoyed reading this. that's a nice pig! Congrats to both of you guys. (be on the look out for this on the front page of the website tomorrow, going to put it up there for you)
  • MojitoMojito Posts: 222 Officer

    Thank you for that, seeing that will make his year. FS ROCKS!
  • rrbgttrrbgtt Posts: 6,753 Admiral
    Wow! That's a great hog and a great story. Good job.
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  • GT FishGT Fish Posts: 9,448 Officer
    Sweet! Got any pice of those cutters?
  • floridacrackrfloridacrackr Posts: 603 Officer
    Great job teaching them the right way! I look forward to sharing these moments with my boys ( 1yr and 3yr). My oldest is already shooting the deer on the tv when i watch hunting shows so it wont be long! Thanks for sharing this and awesome pig!
  • drgibbydrgibby Posts: 1,160 Officer
    Cograts to both of you! It doesn`t get any better than that.
  • drgibbydrgibby Posts: 1,160 Officer
    Congrats to both of you! It doesn`t get any better than that.
  • Triple Threat 33TTriple Threat 33T Posts: 18,650 Admin
    That smile says it all. :beer
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  • wilburzwilburz Posts: 929 Officer
    Congratulations to you both! I wonder if Gap would like to use that pic for one of their advertisements?

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  • therobertbrookstherobertbrooks Posts: 285 Officer
  • BatemasterBatemaster Posts: 1,700 Captain
    That's great. Congrats.
  • DoradoDreaminDoradoDreamin Posts: 1,837 Captain
    Awesome job Dad and congrats to the young hunter on I'm sure what will be the first of many.
  • maq attaqmaq attaq Posts: 555 Officer
    That is awesome - congrats to the young man
    Take your kids hunting and experience like it!!!!!

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  • flydownflydown Posts: 6,454 Admiral
    Great testimony and a brute of a pig! It makes my heart sing to read what you wrote. My wish for 2014 is for more dads to get their sons and daughters involved in the outdoors. It's stories like this that make it all worthwhile!
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  • cuda141cuda141 Posts: 616 Officer
    Yep...very inspirational....gonna get my daughters on it in the next few weeks small game huntin!!! Great Job...Congrats!!!
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  • MojitoMojito Posts: 222 Officer
    I wanted to publicy thank Snookslapper as well as the rest of you and your kind words. My son Boedy has read all of the posts and is on cloud nine since he saw his picture on the front page of the Florida Sportsman website. This is a great forum and while we do not agree on every issue, it is very apparent we all agree that there is nothing more important than our children and our families.

    Thanks again for everything,
  • Ruff OneRuff One HomosassaPosts: 1,777 Captain
    You were right about a "bad boy", the hog of course!! Great hunt!
  • gatorrutgatorrut Posts: 342 Officer
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  • NewberryJeffNewberryJeff Posts: 6,925 Admiral
    A classic father and son hunt that makes us all proud of you and your family. That hog is a trophy that any seasoned hunter would be proud of, incredible for a first kill.
    Your story gave me chills (the good kind), thanks for sharing with us.
  • capciofficapcioffi Posts: 804 Officer
    Absolutely awesome!!! Way to get the kids outside and show them that video games and computers have nothing on the OUTDOORS. Bob, you are spot on showing your kids what our great country has to offer and what family times truly mean.
  • MojitoMojito Posts: 222 Officer
    Thanks to all of you for the kind words and encouragement to my son, he is eating it up.

  • JizzoJizzo Posts: 1,356 Officer
    Awesome! That's a great pig too.

    I took my daughter (7 years old) for the first time yesterday. I thought we would walk around the woods for an hour or two, we scouted camp blanding for 5 hours and had a blast. She loved it. She did a great job keeping quiet and we talked about gun saftey. I can't believe how much fun we had together, I was still beaming today and we didn't even see any game.

  • MojitoMojito Posts: 222 Officer
    Lots of good karma all over this thread. I have had this stupid grin on my face for 4 days now. Glad to hear you had a great day with your little one. My 10 year old daughter will have her turn this weekend and she is as amped up as I have ever seen her. Friday can't get here fast enough.

  • acarbacarb Posts: 2,351 Officer
    Good job dad and dam what a hog!

    Me and my Molly had our first trip together last sunday.We sat in a blind 3 hour without her going stir crazy and saw one doe.I didn't have a good shot and had to explain why.The main thing is we had a pretty good time just the 2 of us.

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