Rod suggestions for the penn SSV 10500

i just bought a penn ssv 10500 for 150$ it has 500ish yards of brand new 100# Jerry brown Braid on it. i use it for land based shark fishing and i cast whole live mullet out with it or that is what i will be doing with it once i have a rod which is my dilemma i dont really have the money for a custom rod but what i am looking for is something with a aluminum reel seat aluminum but and maybe a gimbal its not necessary but may come in handy and it needs to be heavy but cast able the length i'm looking for is between 8-10 feet long possibly 12 i i will be using it from piers on occasion but its about 50 50 for me.

my price range is about 200$ let me know what you think.


  • onshoreslammer21onshoreslammer21 Posts: 66 Deckhand
    I have a ugly stick tiger on mine its only like 6 feet i think still cast pretty well i can throw a shark rig half way across any channel

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