Calusa vs Black Pearl cast nets

gtrfan101gtrfan101 Posts: 65 Deckhand
I am looking to buy a new cast net 10-12 ft, I have owned Calusas in the past, but have never tried a black pearl, what are the pros and cons, any other recommendations are greatly appreciated!


  • Anonymous2Anonymous2 Posts: 1,964 Officer
  • gtrfan101gtrfan101 Posts: 65 Deckhand
    I am looking into getting a new net, black pearl is at the top of my list, does anybody have opinions or pros and cons, any additional information is greatly appreciated!
  • PipefitterPipefitter Posts: 135 Officer
    I don't even know what a good cast net is anymore. I bought a Carter net about 15 years ago and the thing won't die. I figure I will be needing another some day so I try to keep an eye out but so far, it seems the real replacement for my Carter would probably be a Wade net.

    What was wrong with the Caloosa's that you had? They seem good to throw.
  • PopeyePopeye Posts: 14,296 Officer
    If ya throw fer bait to make a livin. Go with what ya think is the best. However, Flipper will tear into yer net if ya do it enough. Or youll snag. Its all about what is right fer you. Its yer money. I have an 8ft calusa and a 12ft calusa. They both match the needs. I have a casio watch. No rolex. My cheap watch does just fine.: :Horse
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  • JI SnookJI Snook Posts: 676 Officer
    Call Black Pearl and ask them what's so special about their nets.
  • BinderBinder Posts: 3,792 Captain
    I don't own one but am also looking into buying the 11' 3/8" mesh they make. I've seen them in person and they look to be put together pretty well. They have 2 weight options 1.6 pounds per foot and 1.9 pounds per foot. A guy I talked to about these nets said that they are built on a flat table and not on a cone. This allows the net to spread out to its full potential. The one thing I wasn't to sure about was the horn on their nets. It seemed really thin but other then that looks like a nice net.
  • landlubberlandlubber Posts: 313 Officer
    Never heard of black pearl before but I had an 8' Calusa that was excellent. It tore at some point but when you toss around docks and jetties that's what you expect.
  • RaksterRakster Posts: 47 Greenhorn
    I have a 7 foot Calusa and a 10 foot Black Pearl. I'd say they are about equal quality wise, both are really nice nets. I've had the Calusa longer, about 6 years, than the Black Pearl that I bought only two years ago. No problems with either one.
  • gasparillagasparilla Posts: 358 Officer
    I've got both - Calusa 10' 1/4, Pearl 11 3/8. I like the Calusa better, but they are both good nets.
    Cheap, fast, reliable - pick two . . .
  • polepositionpoleposition Posts: 1,052 Officer
    Tim Wade Nets. Same price or less as the black pearl, and more net. It throws easier and sinks faster and flatter. Google him, call and chat with the man himself to understand why. I don't profess to be a pro, but I have owned the all...Calusa, Cracker, Betts, Black Pearl and moonlighter. Tim's nets are clearly better.
  • RON VAILRON VAIL Posts: 6 Greenhorn


    Watch videos, and check out pictures on or Facebook!

    Tough, Handmade, Castnets from St. Augustine, FL

  • FishHeadFishHead Posts: 128 Officer
    Tim Wade all the way
  • pinfisherpinfisher Posts: 316 Deckhand
    Tim Wade simply makes the best net. Call him up
  • Capt M BrennanCapt M Brennan Posts: 488 Officer
    How do you get a hold of Tim Wade?
    Captain Mike Brennan
  • bearohsbearohs Posts: 166 Officer
    the netting material in the blackperl is stronger..
    I own three Crackers, a Caloosa, and a BP.. I like the BP the best, but its the biggest and hardest to toss..

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