Piebald Buck

Gone_FishingGone_Fishing Posts: 1,184 Officer
My son took this piebald 5 point this morning during a youth hunt. Could not believe what I was seeing when he shot it. I have only ever seen 1 piebald deer and that was at the Joe Budd check station. Really cool deer. We are having the whole hide tanned.


  • BnTBnT Posts: 6,644 Admiral
    very cool deer.. congrats to the boy
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  • spfldbowhunterspfldbowhunter Posts: 889 Officer
    Awesome, nice work
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  • StillbrokeStillbroke Posts: 226 Officer
    Very cool! The harvest, and the fact that he will probably never see another like that, let alone kill one.
  • mickmick Posts: 162 Deckhand
    Sweet,Nice deer
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  • redfishrobredfishrob Posts: 270 Officer
    WTG guys congrats
  • mrbillmrbill Posts: 1,172 Officer
    awsome job shane :dance
  • Centropomus spp.Centropomus spp. Posts: 343 Officer
    Very cool!
  • AllenRAllenR Posts: 2,683 Captain
    Wow. Very cool!
  • Derek ArsuaDerek Arsua Posts: 2,474 Officer
    Pretty cool that's a once in a lifetime find congrats to your son and you 👍👍
  • sknight88sknight88 Posts: 323 Officer
    Congrats! Nice meeting you both. Sat morn we were swarmed by a huge pack of hogs in the dark whileon the ground. Very interesting to say the least. Sat eve was 12 turkeys and a Doe. Small hog with very lil babies came out right as a truck came down the road. She bolted, but we weren't gonna shoot her regardless. Slept in Sun morn after a wild night of Halloween partying and moonshine madness! Was headed back Sun afternoon but Son hooked up with his girlfriend and I started some yard work. Congrats again! Any idea on Sundays count? Sat was 3 bucks 4 hogs
  • sknight88sknight88 Posts: 323 Officer
    Shane, ya done shot the farmers goat boy! :)
  • james 14james 14 Posts: 2,821 Moderator
    Very cool indeed. A guy killed one last Saturday where I was hunting and I saw a doe during archery but she was WAY out of range.
  • BuckDaddyBuckDaddy Posts: 644 Officer
    Awesome... what a great and unforgettable hunting experience, especially for your son !!!
  • MOSMOS Posts: 64 Deckhand
    Experinces like that keep you hunting for a lifetime!!
  • surfnfishsurfnfish Posts: 44 Deckhand
    Congrats again Shane. Cant Wait to see the hide when its done
  • GlennGlenn Posts: 1,660 Officer
    Very neat and congrats to your son! I have seen two on the a WMA one year and both were BIG bucks. Both were harvested that same year....
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 18,293 AG
    That's very cool Brady.....
    I bet your son gets a banded duck before you too! :)
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  • micci_manmicci_man Somewhere in FLPosts: 11,866 AG
    COngrats to your boy
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  • Gone_FishingGone_Fishing Posts: 1,184 Officer
    duckmanJR wrote: »
    That's very cool Brady.....
    I bet your son gets a banded duck before you too! :)

    Joe, funny you should say that. I told him the same thing. I'll
    bet he shoots a banded duck next.
  • maq attaqmaq attaq Posts: 555 Officer
    Awesome...once in a lifetime!!!
    Take your kids hunting and fishing...no experience like it!!!!!

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  • BowtechGen3BowtechGen3 Altoona, FlPosts: 772 Officer
    Thats Awesome!! Congrats to Him
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  • Ol MuckyOl Mucky Posts: 5,471 Admiral
    Wow awesome!
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  • flydownflydown Posts: 6,454 Admiral
    That's neat! Congrats!!
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  • GerritGerrit Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    That's awesome. I didn't even know deer with a hide like that existed.
  • LickskilletLickskillet Posts: 168 Officer
    Is it bow season yet??
  • Skunk ApeSkunk Ape Posts: 3,846 Captain
    Gerrit wrote: »
    That's awesome. I didn't even know deer with a hide like that existed.
    Very cool deer indeed,they're actually not to uncommon up that way. We use to see a lot of them in Cross City. I think it's from inbreeding when there's too many deer in an area. At least that's what everyone always said.
  • Gone_FishingGone_Fishing Posts: 1,184 Officer
    Looks like one of our pictures made it to the front page of the FS Forum.

    The caption is not correct, this is not Shane's first deer or first buck.
  • KBGKBG Posts: 187 Deckhand
    Congrats on a nice buck! Very unique indeed.
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  • ReelAffair23ReelAffair23 Posts: 786 Officer
    Congrats to your son!!
  • Jdstang50Jdstang50 Posts: 42 Deckhand
    Your son is a lucky guy very blessed. I shot a 8 point piebald in New York State in 1999 which I have proudly hanging on my wall.. Never seen one since your post. Brings back great memories. Thank you.

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