Shore fishing around Cape Coral?

I am going to be spending next week at a home in Cape Coral and have no real idea about the area. I have been there before and fished off the bridge at matlacha with little luck and the canal at the home im staying at. It is on a fresh water canal and I have only caught a few small catfish. Does anyone have any advice on where to fish, from the shore as I dont have a boat, and what to use for bait? I know that shrimp are always popular.


  • TimGleasonTimGleason Posts: 277 Deckhand
    If you have a vehicle, try the beaches for snook. I fish at Blind Pass and Big Carlos pass sometimes if get tired of kayak fishing. Matlacha Bridge is a construction zone now. Not too scenic. Don't know Cape Coral proper. Sorry. Gotta be some place local though.
  • BostonIrishBostonIrish Posts: 53 Deckhand
    Cape Coral pier is ok..saw a 35 in Snook caught there a few weeks ago.The bridges by Sanibel are a good spot too..Marla his is under construction...very buggy at night
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    Thanks for the info, Snook is one of those fish that I have always wanted to catch more of. I caught about a 6 inch one when I was a kid. I know this may sound dumb but, how do I go about fishing form those from shore?

    I will have a vehicle so I can travel. I have noticed people just sitting there on some beaches chucking large chunks of something out adn waiting. Is that the preferred method?
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    If there are any bait pods on the beach, there's sure to be a snook or two somewhere close. Getting there early is the trick. Cast net some baitfish and store in a floating net that you can drag along behind you as you wade up the beach. If you don't want or don't have the tools to use live bait, use a mirro lure or a DOA jig head with a cal shad artificial on it. Wade in the water and start casting parallel to the beach about two or three feet out from where the waves crash (the first trough). Keep your eye out for the bait pods and cast past them and jig through them. In my humble opinion. Repost with feedback and or pics! Good luck
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  • Pmoconnor89Pmoconnor89 Posts: 77 Deckhand
    You can't go wrong walking the beach with a DOA shrimp and casting parallel to shore. Literally try not to cast more than 4 feet from shore, making long casts parallel to where the waves crash. It sounds silly but 90% of the snook cruising the beach will be in that first trough hugging the little ledge that the waves make.

    As for the freshwater canals, think small lures. I have always had luck in them with small beetle spins or 3" curly tail grubs on 1/16th ounce jigheads. Never really caught many lunkers, but had enough fun with small to medium bass and bream to keep me happy.
  • Anonymous2Anonymous2 Posts: 1,964 Officer
    Ive been checking back all day long to see what the consensus was on my post! I know the bait has been scarce for a while, but they have to come back soon. I want to see some pics from the beach man! That means a lot for the rest of us!! Happy fishing
  • Anonymous2Anonymous2 Posts: 1,964 Officer

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