People who don't belong on the water.

Yesterday we experienced some people who don't belong on the water. We went fishing out of cedar key for some grouper. It was rough in the morning (3-4 or 5) but we made it out to grouper galore. After fishing for a While we heard someone hale the cost guard and say that they were "taking on water". After listening to them try to figure out their coordinates ( it took them about 15 minutes just to find them on their GPS) we noticed they were not far away. The cost guard next asked them how much water they had taken on and they said it was twice as much as when they had first called. So we asked the cost guard if they would like us to go help those people, of course they said yes. The people were 6.75 miles away, but going against the waves it took us about twenty minutes to get there. They were in an old pro-line with an OLD 225 yamaha. One guy was bailing with a tipper-ware container, another was puking over the side, the other guy was fiddling with the GPS, and the girl was scared stiff. We gave them both our five gallon buckets to bail with, and they dropped them in the water twice. They did get their motor running but didn't know the way back to shore. So us and some other guys who were doing the write thing started having them follow us. Their motor quit again and then the coast guards got there.

We don't know what happened after that, those guys did not belong out there especially on a day like that. We did manage to catch a few more after that.


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