How to make a grouper rig.(video)

This video shows how to rig a grouper rig, then bait it. This method works for more than just grouper, it also works for snapper, sea bass, amberjack, and anything else in the sea. Here is the link to the video:


  • Roc N RolRoc N Rol Posts: 1,349 Officer
    Try turning the camera sideways for videos. this one looks like it was shot through the eye of a needle. I prefer the knocker rig or most often the fish finder rig.
  • Fish HaidFish Haid Posts: 7,791 Admiral
    5/0 hook for grouper??? Fishing for babies?

    I have heard many people swear that tying a snelled circle hook greatly increases hook-ups. It depends on which direction the line enters (back preferred, I believe).

    Personally, I prefer to tie the hook on with a loop, because I think it lets the bait flop around more naturally. I use crimps for this.

    I couldn't tell how long you were making your leader, but I use just 2' of 100 lb. I know many people use 6', but 2' has always worked great for me. I use regular mono (Ande or Trilene) - forget about that FC garbage.

    I prefer the slider egg sinker just above the swivel - right on the main line. Why bother with all that other hardware and knots?

    You need to pull the tag end of those knots with your teeth while you are cinching them down! They will be more compact and stronger, and not curl the line and weaken it.
  • snake 166snake 166 Posts: 92 Greenhorn
    Too much unnecessary hardware. For mono mainline and mono or FC leader, snell hook to leader, slide lead and bead up the mainline line and join mainline and leader with double surgeons knot. Besides being very simple and fast (snell hooks to leader ahead of time and keep them in quart size ziplocks), this rig also has the advantage of leaving the fish free of a lead no matter where the line or leader fails.

    For braid, I make up a rig with a three way swivel, a bank sinker at the bottom, a leader to the hook and a separate mono line from 3 way swivel to 2 way swivel so the bait will be away from the braid, when the rig descends the bait leader will not wrap around the braid.
  • acarbacarb Posts: 2,351 Officer
    I used a loop knot for years until i tried a snell. The snell has resulted in less pulled hooks, for us anyway.
    30 lbs???

    Everything affects everything.You can't just change one thing.Every thing is connected.

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