Shuttle to Bahamas/ Bimini for a fishing trip ride over fish two days and return?

I would like to fish in Bimini for a couple of days. I see ads for Cruise ships and shuttles that go to the Bahamas and Bimini I would just like to get here stay at hotel/motel/ resort, than hook up with charter or head boat fish two days and ride the ship back.
Any one ever done this kind of trip?
Any advice on the ships that go there?
One is running an ad on our FS Site?


  • nbseafrognbseafrog Posts: 521 Officer
    I did the high speed shuttle to Bimini with my wife in April. We stayed at Bimini Big Game Club. Loved it and the island. You can secure a charter boat there at the resort. The ferry dock/customs is just a couple of blocks from BBGC, so you can walk there from the ferry dock. The ferry was functional but has earned the name, "Vomit Rocket", for good reason. A 3hr experience or wrenching and stinking. We managed to keep our bags empty but probably 70% of the boat didn't do so well. Compare the cost with the little planes that hop over from the FT Lauderdale Executive Airport. If they price is comparable, I'd pay a few extra for a quick flight and short cab ride. Here's a link to the ferry:
    Catch 'em up!

  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,430 Moderator
    Hey Nick
    Thanks for your response. If you would not mind I have a few questions.
    Did you take your own fishing gear and was there a charge.
    Did you bring home some of your catch?
    How was the Big Game Club for your stay And cost?
    Was it offshore bottom fishing or near shore?
    Any other information would be helpful.
    There is a Cat that runs to Key West From FT Myers and back same problem with seasick passengers.
  • Lucky7Team2Lucky7Team2 Posts: 6,794 Officer
    BBG is great and perfect for the wife with really nice rooms, pool, food can charter The Mirage run by Paul who is Compleat on the forum catches a lot of Blues. You can find Paul in the Tropical Section. Can't comment on ferry but I would fly.
  • FWCSnookFWCSnook Posts: 886 Officer
    Fly out of FXE, no lines, no BS. Save time for enjoying the island. Second for Compleat. He catches.
  • nbseafrognbseafrog Posts: 521 Officer
    Lucky7 is right about both BBG and the preferred method of travel. We did this trip through a "Living Social" deal. (on a side note, if you aren't using 'Living Social', check it out. We have another long weekend on the cheap for Bonita Springs on the left coast). It was a package deal of transport & room that amounted to free transportation to and from Miami. We had a great time at the resort but did not fish or dive. We had never been and wanted to check it out for future trips/crossings. So, we did not bring any tackle and I believe there would have been limits to that on the ferry. You definitely want to call them and discuss what you plan to bring over. Bringing the fish home should not be a problem as long as you are not exceeding Bahamian regs, as you do go thru Bahamian customs before departing. You will also go thru customs in the US as well, so maybe call them and find out what their expectations and allowances are regarding fish.

    Here's a clip of some fun we did have at the docks at BBG. Turn up the volume for full affect:

    There's some jigging videos and other stuff on my youtube channel. Enjoy!
    Catch 'em up!


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