7 29 Sebastian 52 LB WAHOO!!

Short n sweet...headed out of S. I. Saturday am around 545 am... We heard the bite has been hot around 120, so with the seas a bit fussy we put it at 100 feet around 7 am. our typical spread with 2 trolling weights, 2 outriggers, 1 short line, and 1 shotgun... landed a cuda immediately..ick stank back in the water...10 minutes later the shotgun goes off with the horse ballyhoo purple n black islander with 8 oz chin weight...yes 8 oz...first wahoo of the season on the deck..

so we loose our second engine during the fight.. bad prime bulb i believe...we end up tacking between 95 and 125..weeds everywhere but the winds did not allow any formation...ended up landing 2 peanut dolphin around 24-25" that got sent back to the ocean Gods...hooked a bonita that charged the boat at around 16-17 knots...had our 1 engine as fast as she would go to keep that fish from swimming straight into the engine...then at 11 am in 110 feet the 24 oz lead goes off with 30' 130 lb shock leader and blue n white shiny 4 oz islander...perfect rod for the job on the penn 50 wide...with me on the rod, Ronny on the leader "great leader work by the way" cause this guy was green..he was back and forth side to side..finally reaching out as far as i could reach with the 6 foot gaff head shot over the rail and in the boat...WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! 52 lbs on an old bogin grip....with our trophy on board, and not so much ice and 1 engine...we trolled back to base with this guy to show you!!! and of course seared wahoo party that night!!!!


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