6/23 mixed bag

Headed 20 miles west of Boca Grande member Ptrshenry as a buddy boat with another false forcast from NOAA. It wasn't a fun ride out in a 20 ft bay boat but manageable, thankfully the wave died down through the day and turned into a beautiful day for fishing.
We stoped and an artificial reef and after a couple drifts found where the fish were holding and dropped anchor. It was Lane Snapper after Lane, Porgy after Porgy. Then the Red Grouper woke up and it was non stop for about 2 hours. A LOT of shorts I bet we threw back 20 18 inchers and countless that were smaller than that. We did end up with a keeper from the group.
We moved about 3 miles or so to the south and was met with more Reds, they were bigger but still short. We finally got 2 fatboys of 28 and 26 inches. We also had a lot of Mahi around but wouldn't take anything we threw at them until one decided it wanted live whitebait. We threw gotch plugs, mirrodine, Gulp shrimp, DOA shrimp. Really nothing seemed to work it was like they just wanted to chase. Bait for the day was live whitebait and pinfish, cut squid, sardines and mullet. Ptrshenry ended up with 4 Keeper Reds and a mixed bag also.

My cousin Chris with the 28"er with Ptrshenry in the background busting them up!

The Finall Tally
The Beatings will continue until moral improves!


  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,466 Moderator
    Good idea to buddy boat, thanks for The report.
  • PtsrhenryPtsrhenry Posts: 255 Deckhand
    The day turned out nice except for that storm waiting for us at the dock.
    Here are a few photos of Sean and Ryan. Grouper fishing is so much fun, this one took a bait from two lines at once and came up with both hooks in it, plus a third pin fish in its mouth.
    RANGER BAY 2300
  • Sick DaySick Day Posts: 260 Deckhand
    Nice! I need to get in ont he next offshore trip over there!
  • nuclearfishnnuclearfishn Posts: 8,353 Admiral
    what depth where you at when You found keeper Red grouper?
    Small chunks or cut bait work best of those peanut dolphin.
  • perlman1234perlman1234 Posts: 1,449 Officer
    Agree with nuclear on the lil dolphin. Little chunks of sardine on a jig head will stick them every time.
  • SJCSJC Posts: 2,560 Captain
    We were in 70ft
    The Beatings will continue until moral improves!
  • fish4funfish4fun Posts: 225 Officer
    I didn't know mahi came in that close. I wonder how much farther out the moms and dads were.
  • Sick DaySick Day Posts: 260 Deckhand
    Minimum lengh on Dolphin is 20" fork for Atlantic water. Is there no Dolphin minimum for the Gulf? Why are the regs so confusing?
  • nuclearfishnnuclearfishn Posts: 8,353 Admiral
    I'll keep some of those wee dolphin. I like to cook them whole. **** fine eats.
  • perlman1234perlman1234 Posts: 1,449 Officer
    I think there is no min in gulf but there is a catch limit.

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