6-15-2013 - Port Saint Lucie Offshore Fishing Report:

Got a full boat today aboard the AF. Rick and Emmerson are back and they are joined with John from their work. This is John’s first time aboard and offshore in Florida.

My question is how long will it take Emmerson to go to sleep. :grin Here’s a few shots of Emmerson from the past.





I picked up a bunch of baits from the bait guy before the crew arrived at 6am. The ramp was packed this morning from around 5:30am on. Must have been a tournament today.


We exited the SLI around 6:30am and headed to the NE spot for some baits after talking to Vindawg who was at Bullshark already. We picked up one blue runner and some huge Cigar Minnows.


Daymaker was there joining in on the fun.


The goal today was to run until we find good weeds or debris. The winds are suppose to switch around and come out of the east in the early afternoon hours. We made a quick stop at the Hill to make one drift while I chunk up some baits for the fins later. We put the lines way out and a troller comes along and hooks boat rods with his gear. :banghead

They were able to get back most of the line. I re-rigged both poles right after sending out a couple more baits. No luch here so the next stop was in 800ft on a very small line of weeds. It didn’t take long for Emmerson to hit the front deck :grin


Continued east and found our next small line in 1000ft and worked that for a bit too with no luck. Pointed east and made it out to 1500ft and worked another small line with nothing chewing. We are now 29 miles from the dock. We still were able to pick up the automated radio check on Channel 27 (barely)...

We headed back west and came across this floating with some baits under it and worked it with chunk baits and the usual menhaden mixes…


It was then that we found out why we were having bad luck. John just tossed out a banana that he had in his color as it got mixed in with water and was soggy and then Emmerson pulls out a small bunch of bananas from his bag. :banghead :grin


We rectified that situation in short order :grin


We continued west and hit another weedline in 700ft as Emmerson assumed his position again :grin


We decided to dial in the AJ Spot and hopefully break the skunk off the morning since we ditched the bananas. :grin In 500ft I spot the break we needed. My good luck charm. A Flip Flop :applause



We hit the AJ spot at the same time as another boat that was trying to anchor up in the 3-4knot current. We make a couple of drops before they hooked up with our lone runner with no bites.

Seen a line of boats just west of us so headed over there and found an awesome rip in 117ft. We dropped in some more pilchards and finally Rick gets hooked up to break the ice.


Remora :banghead

We continue to work the area when Emmerson spots some fish close by, busting on a large piece of red Styrofoam. We pull in the lines and run over to a large school of fins. The Flip Flop has done its job :grin

John gets his bait in the water and within seconds gets hooked up.


After John fights with his fish, after it was in the boat :grin , we tagged an released this one.


We get a shout out from Unhooked out in 600ft who was on a tree but we opted to stay here to see if we can find a bigger fin in the mix. Thanks for the shout out Scott.

We spot VinDawg just north of us and called him over to join in on the fun.


Emmerson catches another tag an release fin but I tossed it into the water before I snapped a pic. Sorry Emmerson :banghead

The fins turned off and wouldn’t chew anymore so we changed things up and started slow trolling the livey’s around this area. Both John and Rick get hooked up but the fins came unglued.

Emmerson’s bait gets nailed and this one stays connected all the way to the fish box. Nice gaffer to end the day… :applause

His smile says it all… :grin


It is now around 3:00pm so we dial in the SLI that is 11 miles southwest of us and make the quick run in at nearly wide open. It was a gorgeous day on the water today with a nice breeze all day long.

As we pull into the pocket the crew spots another luck charm :grin


Emmerson gave his fish to John as he is having a cookout tomorrow. Let me know how that fish tasted John… We sure had to work for that one all day long :grin

Today’s Tally
3 for about 8 Fins – 2 tag & released and one gaffer
1 Remora – And no, this time it wasn’t mine :grin

How did you all make out today?

Tip of the day

I modified my set-up on the yellow jug we used last week. I found that the braided line becomes tangled too easy as well as trying to get the line off that small spool (pipe tape spool) takes too long.

I cut the braid about 10” from the cap and tied on a snap swivel. I then took a piece 18-20ft of 80lb Fluorocarbon and crimped on a hook on one end and a loop on the other.

I then used a piece of Velcro to hold the looped together line so all I have to do is snap the loop onto the swivel and remove the Velcro and we are good to go.


The only thing I have to do now is remember to use it. I completely forget about it during our Chinese fire drill with the small fins we got into today. :banghead


Random pics on the day






  • AlwaysforwardAlwaysforward Posts: 1,502 Captain
    Special shout out to GSpot who, while I was offshore fishing, dropped of 2 Shimano TEKOTA 700 reels mounted to Penn Mariner Stand-up rods. Thanks for the fighting belt & reel covers as well Richard. Thanks for hanging on to them for so long for me. Much appreciated. Enjoy the fin filets :applause

  • CaptKeemauCaptKeemau Posts: 229 Deckhand
    Nicely done. As always great photos.
    Headed out with a full boat myself this morning.
  • PaulBoatPaulBoat Posts: 4,389 Officer
    Nicely done Jeff. What's wrong with bananas? :grin

    Sent from my Droid tablet
  • swordawetswordawet 337 miles WNW of GTCPosts: 619 Officer
    Nice report AF
    Notes to Jeff:
    1-Frisk guests for bananas :banana
    2-Start fishing after you find the flip flop :grin
    "Today's the Day" .... Mel Fisher
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,428 Admiral

    Great report.. very entertaining..

    I was aboard the Swordawet with Pete yesterday down in Jupiter but we were able to hear the calls going back and forth.

    Kudos for Scott calling us all over to the phin spot.. that was awesome!!!

    Cheers buddy
  • M T PocketsM T Pockets Posts: 551 Officer
    Way to go Jeff, Happy Father's Day!:cool:
  • VindawgVindawg Posts: 801 Officer
    Thanks for the call over, we weren't able to get any of them to eat but we had a decent day anyway...Caught and released one Sailfish and jumped off another later on, also 2 small dolphin before noon...After that we didn't get any more bites. All came drifting the hill with livies.
  • LastMangoLastMango Posts: 4,574 Officer
    That's hysterical that you have all those pics of your friend sleeping on the bow... Nice Mahi's....
  • B.WilmotB.Wilmot Posts: 204 Officer
    Great report Jeff !!!! Ill try to get down there soon to do some double team action.

    Catchem up!!!!
    Bravo Whiskey
    1997 Key Largo 201
    99 honda 130
  • GT FishGT Fish Posts: 9,448 Officer
    Sweet ! Buy a bean bag for that poor guy..
  • Fi$h2nguyenFi$h2nguyen Posts: 7,780 Moderator
    Nice job Jeff. When I am sleep deprived, can you take me out fishing? ;)

    Keeping busy while away from Florida

  • PotterBuiltPotterBuilt Posts: 31 Greenhorn
    Great report Jeff - Thanks for Sharing + Happy Fathers Day!!
  • century7century7 Posts: 2,400 Captain
    I always seem to do my best fishing when I am sleeping. After all isn't that why they put the clicker alarms on the reels.
    It works 60% of the time all the time......
  • AlwaysforwardAlwaysforward Posts: 1,502 Captain
    Thanks All

    CaptKeenmau How did you and your full boat make out today?

    PaulBoat I love em... Just like picking on Emmerson :grin You gotta have an excuse to fall back on incase you don't put the crew on the bite :grin

    swordawet Added to the list now Pete... As for not fishing until we find a flip flop, don't think the crew would like that to much. :grin

    Plane Fish n We heard you when we were 29 miles out of SLI clear as day. It sure was nice of Unhooked to give us a shout out on those fins but we had our own chinese fire drill going on at the time.

    M T Pockets Happy Fathers day :applause

    Vindawg Your welcome Vinny. Gary just stopped by and said you wanted to head offshore on the AF again. I will shoot you an email this week with a date. It will be sometime in the end of August as I am booked through mid August now.

    LastMango I keep a log with all crews and what we catch with direct links to all the reports so it was easy to locate those pics.

    B.Wilmot We talked about you Bryan when we were offshore. Rick and his son were aboard the AF the last time you and I hooked up for a run an gun wingman style. Looking forward to doing it again soon Bryan. Keep intouch as to when your heading back down this way.

    GT Fish I asked him if he wanted me to bring him a pillow :grin He is young and has a girlfriend. Must not get much sleep at home Pat :grin

    Fi$h2nguyen Your welcome aboard the AF anytime Long...

    PotterBuilt Happy Fathers Day :USA

    century7 If you have been aboard the AF before, you would know my clickers are worn out from all the fish we catch :grin

  • whaler 15whaler 15 Posts: 71 Deckhand
    The picture of him holding the beer and bananas is priceless nice day on the water for sure.
  • PairadoxPairadox Posts: 323 Officer
    Nice job Jeff, the bites been tuff w the west winds, hopefully it'll pick up w the shifting wind patterns. Tight lines!
  • AlwaysforwardAlwaysforward Posts: 1,502 Captain
    Thanks guys Looking forward to the sardines showing up in full force soon so I can stock up the freezer with good chunk bait. Makes those run & gun days for debris much more effective. Something about tossing in cut sardines and having the scales pop off and go down through the water column turns on the bite when you find the right debris with good size baits under them.

  • The Reef PimpThe Reef Pimp Posts: 34 Deckhand
    Nice report. Good salvage on the banana curse. I have always enjoyed your reports...... being the lurker I've been. Going to be fishing the SLI area more frequently now. I have a lot to learn. Thanks for your posts.
  • ShoelessShoeless Posts: 2,064 Captain
    Great report Jeff!!! Congrats on finally seeing some flip flops this year:grin

    My leg is healing up slowly, so I will be out soon enough.
  • FS BlairFS Blair Posts: 1,696 Admin
    Great report Jeff, Saturday was indeed a day to be on the ocean.
  • onICEonICE Posts: 985 Officer
    Thanks for the report! If everyone else's posts on here were half as generous and informative we would all catch a lot more fish!

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