PC 8-13 Slow Bottom

Zack and I cleared the inlet about 6:25 and headed toward the pier for bait... had to run about another 1/2 mile south along with the armada to get the pogies. Once we were on top of them, one throw of the 10' net yielded days worth of bait.

Headed pretty much due east through some bumpy 2-3' chop to some public numbers in the 120' stuff. A few good hits early on, 2 sharks, and some seabass, nothing special. Tried a wreck in the area in 120, then moved closer in and tried a wreck in 90 and 70'ish. Same story all day.... Saw a boat next to us pull up a small red snapper, and what looked like a mang. Another guy looked to be bowed up on a king during a charter trip. Didn't get, or see, much action all day.

It really layed down by 11:30 or so and by the time we headed in we were ripping through flat seas back to the inlet. Great day on the water, just slow prolly due to the warm water temps around 85.

Anyone score?


  • Greendog 2550Greendog 2550 Posts: 91 Deckhand
    I did not get a chance to go but my guess is the "thermos" have shut down the bottom bite. I have been shut out my last 2 trips.
  • mkpaintmkpaint Posts: 53 Deckhand
    went friday night got 4 mangos 10 seabass 1 porgy to many sharks but was a slow bite fish were not aggressive at all
  • beachsideandybeachsideandy Posts: 880 Officer
    Yeah seems like the sharks had no problem chewing man.
    I wonder if running out to 180' would have produced better results.
    There was a guy who posted a report last week where they hit 8A, 21F, and finally moved to 27 and scored.
    Hmmmmmm... next trip out it might be the 180' out of SI.
  • Bugless112Bugless112 Posts: 41 Deckhand
    I did the same thing went out to 8A with my wife two caught the same thing sharks and seabass all day long but over all it was still fun
  • ontheedge5658ontheedge5658 Posts: 2,658 Officer
    Mike good to see you caught some fish

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