5-15-2013 13 miles off sanibel AJ's, Kings, Gags, Bonita....

Headed out of Weeks at 7ish...they are closing down and being developed so dont know how much longer the ramp will be open but the bait shop is closing soon....Tried Big carlos for bait but there was no current so we headed off to the tripod and loaded up with a few casts of the net. Cruised past the group of boat off Knapps point and headed out to some wrecks about 12 miles offshore. It was a nasty ride out on the pathfinder but worth it. Constant action all day. Big kings, released Gags, Bonita, Amberjack, probably 30-40 lost fish (probably kings) but some took us in the wreck so you never know. we used white bait all day and had times when we had three rods going off all at once!! It was a great day. The ride back we went through redfish back and made it back to weeks by 6pm.


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