last bird of the season

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Been so busy this week haven't had time to post a report. Last week had another awesome hunt. Bought this dave smith decoy this season and couldn't wait to use it. Knew at the right place and the right time it would be deadly and another gobbler couldn't resist. Had been messing with a group of birds for a few days that just wouldn't cooperate. They were roosting right along side of a cypress head and every morning working their way through a pasture that had some high grass. Last day of the hunt decided to leave them alone and hunt another bird we thought would cooperate. Well that didn't pan out either. Right at daylight he gobbled and gobbled his head off but quickly flew down to a group of hens. Around 7:45am we decided to move over to the pasture again where we knew those birds were working through. Thought what the heck.. last day of hunt dont have anything to lose. Get setup around 8 in this cow pen on the edge of the field and put out the dave smith gobbler with a hen decoy. Waited about 20 min and made a few light calls. All of sudden we see hens working to the right of us. They dont seem interested at all in calls or decoys but all of sudden things changed. A gobbler was tailing the hens and once he saw the decoys it was full strut mode. He ran to the gobbler decoy and preceded to beat the living crap out of it. Man i wish i had the camera with me because for the next few minutes (which felt like eternity) he put on quite the show.. Jumped on top of the decoy.. ripped the tail off.. spitting, drumming, mad as hell trying to kill the decoy. Waited until he broke strut and got a few feet away from the decoy and let the lead fly. What a hunt. What a decoy. What a way to end the season.

The secret weapon

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    Nothing better than seeing nature display all of her ferocity. Nice job. Congrats to you for sticking with it.
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    Great job!

    ...and listen, since you're tagged out and all, feel free to drop the DS strutter off at my crib any time you wish.. Lol!
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    Great bird Congrats . Them DS decoys are awesome .
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    Congrats man sounds like a great hunt
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    Sounds like fun. Great looking decoy.
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