• GT FishGT Fish Posts: 9,448 Officer
    Padillac wrote: »
    The funny thing is that I actually did lose a finger to bow fishing... No joke
    Did you laugh?
  • PadillacPadillac Posts: 43 Deckhand
    Well it was so cold out that I didnt even feel it for about 10 seconds... but no I didnt laugh
  • jdipietrojdipietro Posts: 27 Greenhorn
    Well, I have to admit, I did laugh out loud at the snorkle comment. I also have missed a shot at a deer, with a bow, while the deer was broadside about 8 yrds away. I was younger, my heart was pounding, and I was less steady handed in my youth. Now, have I ever eaten a ray? Well, no... However, if someone bagged one and offered me a bite, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to try it. I used to believe amberjack was no good to eat until I tried it. Turns out, I really liked it and cook it with smashed tater' tots as a fryable batter. My point is, until you open this guys freezer or find a paper trail of his charitable contributions, you have no right to blast him. Until you try a forkfull of ray wing or try making a living as a charter guild, you have no right to blast him. On top of that, if his business and sole source of income is charter bowfishing, how dare you blast him and his paying clients. What they did was legel and what he is doing is to put food on his wife's table and clothes on his children's backs. If you don't agree with what he did, if you have qualms about killing an animal for sport, take it up with him personally! Don't make a show of yourself and his business on a public forum. There is a huge difference between poking fun at a friend versus messing with someone's livelihood. If someone showed up at my place of business trying to pick a fight they'd be met very Mossy welcome(if you catch my drift). Ultimately, my point is, if you see someone breaking the law or abusing wildlife IN PERSON, take action. I keep FWC in my phone for that reason. If you see someone successfully perform a sporting feat, such as bagging some trophy game, respond with a congradulatory remark or don't respond at all. Forums such as this are awesome and I have been on and off Florida Sportsman for many years now. The sad part is, I know a lot of charter captains and avid sportsman who no longer reside here for that very reason. In the future, please respond positively or don't respond at all. If you disagree with something someone does on here then PM the person. Please, let this be the final response to this thread, as several pages of it have become nothing but fools arguing...
  • on_the_rockson_the_rocks Posts: 7,897 Admiral
    Nice shot!! I would have had it mounted!
  • Celtic KnotsCeltic Knots Posts: 50 Deckhand
    I for one will eat almost anything! Give the guy a break folks he didn't kill it to throw it back in the water. As most of us wwere taught growing up "If you kill it you eat it!" I had a cousin that thought it would be cool to shoot a dove off of the power lines and I busted him doing that. I was a little pissed at him at first until I made him pluck it clean it up and cook it on the grill and then eat it. Only problem was after that he wanted to shoot all the doves cause he liked it!
  • tightlinetightline Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    the native alaskan tribes use skate (another type of ray) to replace prawns at the dinner table they dont taste bad at all but wen u cook em they reek!!
  • on_the_rockson_the_rocks Posts: 7,897 Admiral
    I do do not doubt he eat the vermin... I am lol @ the people saying nice shot

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