Monday Double Up..

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Saturday and Sunday Chief Osceola and I got worked over pretty good by this one bird we called "long gobble" He had the longest gobble we have ever heard.. anyway he was a smart one. Sat morning we set out the decoy and he gobbled at least 40 times off the roost and flew down and was on a beeline to our decoy... We both thought well, this is gonna be easy. Until he stopped at about 65 yards and stayed that distance for about an hour til his hens came and then they dragged him to the other side of the field....
Here is ole long gobble two days before he met his maker

We thought no big deal so we backed out and the next morning we set up to where the hens took him. Got situated and heard a ton of gobbling but none of them were him.. No gobbles from the are he was in the day before.. That was discouraging so we decided to go after a different bird around 8:50.. Didn't work out and on the way back we heard a gobble in the field.. Crept up and there he was only 20 yards from where we set up that morning :banghead .. Tried to hoax him in the woods to where we could sneak up to but he wouldn't leave his ladies.. So we crept all the way around to the other side of the field just to watch and see where they would take him.. They brought him over to the South west side of the field where we watched them dust and eat for over an hour.. we decided that is where we are going on monday...

Monday morning rolls around and NOT A GOBBLE ON THE WHOLE PROPERTY.. were thinking **** is going on with these things.. So we just sit there and 45 minutes after sunrise I see his fan about 200 yards across the field walking to the south east.. Were just watching him patiently knowing eventually he would end up in front of us..

Well after 15 minutes of watching I catch something out of the corner of my eye and its a gobbler only 30 yards away walking towards them! I wait for Joe to get the camera on him and Joe clucks to get his head up and BOOM.. I missed! he started running and I popped him on the run... My bird is there flopping and i hear Joe say "dont go get him yet and hand me the gun" the other bird "long gobble" sprinted from 200 yards across the field to spur my bird.. Once he got a lick in Joe nailed him...

Didn't have the chit printed out so i'll take pics with it later

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