Great weekend of hunting...

BCSAILSBCSAILS Posts: 435 Officer
Made camp too late to Turkey hunt Saturday afternoon so I set out to roost a bird while walking with my rifle for a hog. Had a nice Boar pop up and used my new VXR red dot scope on my old Browning 30-06 A-Bolt to drop him. Great scope for low light hog hunting as I always had problems with low light and a black cross hair on a black hog. Got a couple pics then had to clean him on the ground as best I could in the Jeeps headlights as I could not lift him alone. About half way through cleaning had Yotes all around me howling. Kinda cool but also makes the hair on the back of your neck rase. Sunday am heard gobbling way off and made some calls but then had two barking dogs running all over! That killed that hunt. Sunday afternoon set up on a dry slew and had a hen and her boyfriend come in. let him do his dance with her then I cut in....boom, nice bird. Great weekend of hunting. Hope all other forum members did well and enjoyed their weekend hunts....till next hunt....:cool:



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