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ACME Ventures Fishing
08-06-2011, 08:48 AM
Glassy Sea's and calm winds made for a beautiful ride out of Port Canaveral.
My guest were comming from Daytona, and got a late start, so as we were
running east, the fish had already began their bait pod attacks. These were
primarily False Albicore Tuna or Tuny's (most people mistakenly call them
Bonita). There were thousands of them crashing bait pods all over. We decided
to take advantage of a little catching time before heading to the reef's.
As is the habit with these fish, they go into a feeding frenzy for a minute or two,
then dissapear, popping up elsewhere to start over again. Using a Silver Gator
Spoon, any cast into the frenzy was an instant hookup, and as with any Tuna,
it is a good fight. Several hookups happened within only minutes, so its was
a good start to the day.
I have never had any guest injury on my boat in 3 years running it, until this
trip. A it was a very scary and stressfull incident. Fortionatly it turned out
to be much less serious that origonally thought. The crew for the day was
a couple with their 11yo and 5yo sons. The father did a lot of fishing back
home, and the older son regularry joined him. When casting a lure Dad's
rule was for his son to stay at his side. I had gotten another fish hooked up
for mom to fight when an ear peircing scream was heard. While Dad was
casting, the older boy had left his dads side, and gotten hooked in the face as
dad was casting. The first thought dad had was it was hooked in his eye.
We quickly cut off the other fish, and put a wet towel over his face, and
proceeded in. We were only 4-5 miles out, and we called into the Coast
Guard, to report the injury and request for an ambulence to be waiting at
the dock. We went WOT, at about 50mph in, including the port (I informed
the CG we were comming in hot), and despite not taking long at all to reach
the dock, the paramedics were there waiting.

The wet towel kept the lure from dangling, and kept his face sheilded until
the paramedics go to his. Once they pulled it off, and flushed his face, a
releived look came on their faces. It was not in the eye, but only a skin hook
just below it. Though it was still a scary, stressfull and no doubt painfull
experiance, this was MUCH better than origonally thought. The the lure,
still attached was taped up, and off to the hospital he went. Though screaming
all the way in, once paramedic's told him it was all ok, and not that bad,
he calmed right down.
Certainly not the way anyone wants to end a fishing trip, but given that we
origonally thought it was much worse, it really was a good ending all things
considered. Dad not doubt felt bad about it, but he too had to breathe a deep
sigh of releif of hearing it was only minor.

Captain Henry
ACME Ventues Fishing
602 Glen Cheek Dr., Cape Canaveral Fl
Deep Sea Fishing Port Canaveral
"Wile E Coyote"

08-06-2011, 01:26 PM
WOW!...Glad it all turned out OK..

I had a similar thing happen with my son many years ago. As most 14 year olds...they never listen to Dad. We were plugging a shoreline for snook and as with that type fishing..you will hang a lure now and again...my son was pulling the lure out with a whippy snap...and I told him " Don't do that...if you get a hook in me I'll be pissed!" Not a couple minutes pass before he does it again...this time it sails back and he turns at the last second but gets it in the side of the face just under his eye..... I thank God it didn't hit his eye. He says " Dad, just cut it out" .... Yeah..right...his mom would would LOVE that! Off to the hospital....and $75 later ( Yes..that was a VERY long time ago! LOL)..... The up side is he stopped doing that! LOL!!

08-06-2011, 01:30 PM
wow! glad to hear it turned out better than worse.

Net 30
08-07-2011, 05:45 PM
My cousin were in our teens and were fishing for stripers back in NJ and on one of his side casts, his Bomber A hit me square in the temple. The trebles buried in the skin and I took off running down the beach in shock. I'm told people on the beach were laughing their ****s off seeing my cousin running down the beach spinning rod in hand and me taking drag as I out ran him back to our camper. My uncle used an old fashion shaving razor blade and did surgery on my temple cutting out the 2 trebles...hurt like Shiaaaaate!

Docked Wages
08-07-2011, 08:33 PM
Nice rod benders.