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Final Point
07-30-2011, 09:24 PM
Here is a pic of the shop that was taken Wed for the opening of Mini season.



The flounder bite has continued to be a good bet around the area's spoil islands. Using a small bait fish such as a mullet, sand perch, pin/pig fish, or spot has been yielding good catches of quality fish. These have been either rigged on a fishfinder rig, or with just a split shot added 10-15 inches above the hook. This young angler backed up a day last week where they caught 6 nice fish with another fine performance with several flatties making it into the boat, including this nice 5 pounder....



The weather has been very strange for this time of year. Usually by this time we are in the doldrums, where there is no wind and very few fish of any quality. Not so for this week.

To start the reports out, Capt. Blake and crew were fishing SE of Sebastian near Bethel Bouy. Bottom fishing was very productive, with all 4 people getting their limits of BIG black seabass.(Remember, the size limit for seabass is 12") Also in the mix was a nice sized lesser amberjack. After filling the cooler, they decided to troll the area because of all the life that was present. They made short work of a nice cuda and a bonita, and then a wire-rigged ballyhoo with milar skirt gets hammered. The big cow put up an hour long fight before meeting the steel. There was another one with it but they couldn't get it to eat. It weighed in at just over 33lbs.


The crew of the 'Red Leg 6', which consisted of local anglers Terry, Robert, and Bill had a fantastic day on the water. They pulled a couple of high single digit dolphin off of a pallet and lost just as many. The next floating prize was a 6ft section of bamboo which yielded a nice 23lb mahi and a couple more missed opportunities. On the troll they picked up a twin to that 23 pounder, and then their flatline gets hammered and starts screaming off line. Angler Bill takes the rod and as it gets closer, the stripes show through the water. It's Bill's first wahoo and it's a stud...weighing in at 45lbs!! They didn't want to give away all their secrets, but they were fishing in 170ft and caught most of their fish on the troll.

Here's a pic of Bill with his first Wahoo


Now THAT is a good looking box!!



The crew of the 'Good Grief' were diving today in 90sfw out of Sebastian. They reported lots of life on the bottom and FANTASTIC vis. They didn't mention the water temp but maybe they will read this and chime in with more detailed info. They also put together a good box of fish with a mixed bag including several nice mangrove snapper along with a few flounder.

Joe(Reeftails) with a nice flounder on board the 'Good Grief'


Thanks to all of you that stopped by today. It is so great to meet so many new forum members. See you on the water!

07-31-2011, 11:28 AM
I will be trying my luck at some inshore poons this evening around that area. Hopefully I will be able to add the inshore silver king to your report. Thanks for sharing.