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ACME Ventures Fishing
07-28-2011, 10:43 AM
This 20 mile weather Buoy trip was like most trips recently, supported
by nice weather and calm sea's. Great water tempature swings are still
being found, and this trip was no different. At the buoy one fish is almost
a certainty, Barracuda. This trip had it as a target spesis, along with any
other fish willing to cooperate.
Our youngest angler was on his first offshore fishing trip, and got to
catch a lot of "First Time Fish". Mahi would be his first deep sea
catch. Not a big one, but a keeper, and just the right size for him to fight.
Cuda were present, and a good size one was caught and retained by
my guest for mounting purposes. Other Cuda were caught and released.
At 125' we found a mixed bag at the structure, including Shark, SeaBass,
Vermillion Snapper, Trigger, Red Snapper, Grunts, and even Lizardfish.
And this is while anchored in one location! The better sized keepable reef fish
have really been thinned out. In part this is due to the unnecessary regulations
on some of our more abundant fish, and also Commercial Divers have been filling
their boats with these desirable fish, quickly thinning out the reef's of keepers.
On the run in a large area of cool water was found, bottoming out at
68 deg, with a sudden spike to 87 deg as we neared 90'. The bottom
where we have been fishing does not seem cold, but these upwellings
are apparently having a dramatic overall inpact on the bite.

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