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07-21-2011, 04:53 PM
Just got back from SI, did a five day fishing excursion. I am from Dunedin on the west coast, so fishing was not what I expected in good and bad ways. I got there and first thing I noticed was the cool water temps apparently due to an upwelling in the Atlantic and people saying how slow the fishing was. But I did not let that deter me.

Went to Whiteys and picked up some shrimp on Friday evening after setting up the camp. Firgured I would get down to some snapper fishing for dinner that night. The east rocks on the tide pool area looked like a prime snapper hole on that incoming tide. I truck it out there to the very tip and lo and behold a huge school of nice mangos. Banged out my limit in about 30 minutes and played with them after that. Got about and 18"snook as well.

After grilling up some snapper I went back out for some night time doggin. Water was gin clear and the bite was non existent. We looked at some lunker snooks but that was it. Saturday morning I get up and go try to net some bait on the beach. All I could find was small pilchards and christmas treed my net for about 45 minutes but ended up with about 2 dozen livies in the 20 gallon brute can. floated my can out to the est rocks on the tide pool again and again more snapper. This time there were some slobs though.

Got two 17"ers and two that were 15"and a bunch of runts. Lots of snook and lunker snappers down on the rocks but no takers. I only kept one of the bigger ones though since I still had some left from the night before. I decided since I was doing good I would just enjoy the beach for a little while and did some body surfing and cooled off. That night the wind and waves realy picked up due to that storm out there and slowed it down alot. That night really nothing was caught and I called early.

I wake up sunday and it is nasty out there I go back on the back side to net some smaller mullet and mojarras. Filled my can with nice mojarras, finger mullet and a couple nice croakers and figured I would go out to the same rocks and see if I could messs with some snapper and possibly a snook. Nothing but runts and one nice trout all on the mojarras. I found it funny that croakers and mojarras are such good bait over there because back home they are both baits we throw back because they are esentially useless in my experience.

Monday it was still rough and nasty so I drove down to Ft. Pierce. Got two small fat snook at the S-50 spillway and some big hits on live bluegill. Saw one guy catch and keep about a 33"snook, it personally pissed me off especially beacuse I gave a couple of the bass I caught. Made it back to Sebastian and it was so rough I decided not fish that night which was a mistake. My last day there it calmed down and warmed up a little. Made the drive down to Ft. Pierce again, total bust. Went back to Sebastian and decided I was going to run that dog all night long.

Slammed 5 cups of instant coffee and went down to the far southwest point of the park. Let me just say I found the snook. I walk up as the sun is setting and see three explosions right away. Chuck a topwater, too much grass. Get the net out and grab some hog legs (mullet). I have never been on the east coast during the mullet run but it was just like that. For 4 hours during the incoming tide there were snook BLASTING through 10" mullet like it was nobodys business. A few times mullet got rained literally out of the water on to the sand and all I had to do was grab one and toss it in. Fished there for about 4 hours and got SLAMMED three times but the hooks didnt hold. I tried the snelled trick and still the circle hooks didnt hold.

One time I had a LUNKER on and she flipped off. I have fished for snook for 15 years on my side of the woods and NEVER seen feeding this agressive for that amount of time. There was snook blasting about every five or ten seconds, the mullet didnt have chance. So if you are going to go down to the inlet in the evenings now go back there. I was the only one back there and if you are persistent, you might get a 30lber. some of the fish crashing back there WERE HUGE!!!! that bite slowed down at about 12:30AM so I headed to the south catwalk. Fished there with one other guy. Got SMASHED by about a 60lb Tarpon on a live mullet.

Got some greenies and caught some of those dinosaur ladyfish yall have over there. The guy I was fishing with about got spooled by a LUNKER SNOOK. I got slammed once by big snook but no connection. Got a nice trout as well. The snook were going off on the outgoing tide. I left them biting at 5 AM.

All in all I didnt get the lunker snook I was hoping for but still I had a great time. I will be back and now that I know a few secrets I will do better next time. GO FISH THAT SOUTHWEST POINT!!!!!!!!! IT WAS BONKERS!!!!! Tightlines!!

07-21-2011, 07:19 PM
Welcome to East Central Florida and the benifits of instant coffee. Great report! Thanks for sharing.

Ryan Y.
07-22-2011, 01:02 AM
Hey Grayson. Its Ryan the guy you fished with Wednesday AM. I sure wish I could have landed that large snook. I had another on right after you left though. I was on the rocks and on the first cast with my windcheater I was hooked up. After about a minute or so fighting I lost the snook after he shook the hook about five feet from the rocks. I left shortly after that. It was nice fishing with you man and thanks for the bait. :)

07-22-2011, 01:07 AM

Fished there for about 4 hours and got SLAMMED three times but the hooks didnt hold. I tried the snelled trick and still the circle hooks didnt hold.

I'm telling you..it's no trick. It is simple phyics. It just works, you have to keep trying.

Snook Man
07-22-2011, 09:09 AM
Sounds like a nice trip thanks for the report

Big Dago
07-22-2011, 01:42 PM
Great report. When it's on at the inlet it's on !!!!! Headed to your side of the state around the 1st week in Aug.