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07-14-2011, 12:57 AM
Left the Port at about 6:30am, a little later than we wanted... Robbie and I staged the boat while Damien slept! :banghead While waiting on Damien, I figured out that reverse, which I thought that I had fixed... still was not working! It's a good thing we don't need it so we were off heading east.

Put out our 6 line trolling spread at the 116 foot barge with a heading of east. Conditions looked great! Water temp was 81.2, some scattered weeds which we picked up 3 schoolies in 120 feet of water. After those 3 mahi, things got real quiet for a long time :huh , so Robbie decided to catch up on the lack of sleep he got the night before while Damien and I killed some time trying to find the fish :Glass

Decided to deep drop over the cones but kept coming up with empty hooks. Picked up a fat porgy with teeth like I've never seen before but set him free. Got tired quickly of reeling up from 250+ ft of water, so the :troll was back on.

The time was roughly about 1:30pm with just enough gas left to get us back to the Port so I made the call to head in to beat out any possible afternoon storms. We brought in the lines and started cruising back in to shore.

We didn't get very far before the mirage in the distance in front of us quickly became a reality! We stumbled upon a weed line in 210 feet of water, 50 foot across in some spots and as far as the eye could see long! :hail Damien was driving, and Robbie and I put out the spread and worked the lines clearing the weeds non-stop as they would get wrapped up in our baits.

Just when I thought we had all the lines clear, the port outrigger gets wrapped up again so I reeled it in cleared the weeds and started dropping the bait back out again. I watched the ballyhoo skirted with a blue and white Islander drop back and as it reached about 50 feet back from the boat I hit the drag and BAM!!! FISH ON!!! I saw the tail end of the fish when it first hit and knew it was a Mahi and it was a bigun! With line peeling off the reel, I grabbed the rod and set the hook deep into this Bully! That definitely got his attention and he quickened his pace further away from us. Robbie pulled in the other lines while Damien turned the boat to chase this Dorado down. I kept pressure on the fish, gaining line when I could and the distance between us and the fish quickly diminished. He turned toward the boat and made a fly by the propellor of the engine! NEUTRAL!!! I yelled!!! Grab the gaff! Damien quickly responded and was at my side in a heartbeat ready and as the fish came boat side again. Damien sunk the gaff into the fish and pulled on the handle to try to bring the fish in the boat, but all he came up with was the rubber grip of the gaff in his hand. Looking back to the water, the fish swam away from the boat leaving the gaff floating in the water. The next thing I know ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! And Robbie was hooked up to another fish that ate a naked ballyhoo that was dangling in the water from the planer line. I looked port, towards my fish to see Damien 90% out of the boat lunging for the gaff and grabbed his ankle to keep him from going overboard! Double hookup!!! :Rockon Time to get serious! These two fish had Robbie and I running counter clockwise circles around the boat, refusing to give up! Robbie's fish turned and we bumped into each other as his fish's line went under mine. Robbie traded with Damien, his fish for the gaff. Working the fish, they both came in close at the same time. Just as Robbie sunk the gaff, Damien hand lined the cow in and both fish hit the deck at the same time!!!! :crowd

After an extend celebration :beer, we cleaned up the mess we made during the fight and went back to find our weed line, but it had vanished, so we continued on towards the Port.

While cruising in, the overheating alarm for the engine went off, so Robbie took apart the thermostat housing and removed a few parts and we were back to cruising. About 4 miles from the Port the engine died on us and wouldn't start back up. :Sinking It's a good thing I renewed Sea Tow 2 days before our trip!!!

We radioed for Sea Tow and took a few pics of the big Bully which turned out to be 60 inches long from the head to the fork in the tail. Got a weight of 38 lbs, but not sure how accurate it was on my hand scale.

While sitting dead in the water, Damien noticed a school of cobia off the stern of the boat so we all grabbed a rod and started throwing whatever we had at them. Just as we got their attention, the Sea Tow boat showed up and scared them off! We hooked a line to the eye of the boat and sat back and enjoyed what was left of the ride. It turned out that in addition to our overheating issue, we ran out of gas!


07-14-2011, 09:44 AM
Sorry to hear about the engine failure but those fish definitely made the day brighter. That's one nice Phin!!! Good thing you renewed your Sea Tow!!

07-14-2011, 04:32 PM
It was a great day and just think, if my alarm had gone off and we hit the water like planned we may never have hit that weed line. Just trying to put a nice spin on over sleeping which was technically Miller Lites fault.

07-14-2011, 05:13 PM
Hate to hear of the breakdown--Great phins :beer

Full Throttle
07-14-2011, 05:57 PM
Sorry for the engine, congrats on a great phin esp for this late in the season!!

07-14-2011, 06:08 PM
Nice Mahi, good thing you renewed your SeaTow......
And your lucky the Sea Tow captain wasn't this guy!http://www.floridatoday.com/article/20110710/SPORTS05/110709005/Impaired-tow-boat-operator-charged-rescue?odyssey=mod_sectionstories

07-14-2011, 09:54 PM
Great story! Too bad about the motor, but at least you picked up some nice fish.

07-15-2011, 11:55 AM
Interesting story, 18 hrs later they made it back, I guess that tow boat guy is no longer afloat

07-21-2011, 03:27 PM
Good Job James.... Time to get a new boat buddy! Nice to see your still fishin!

07-21-2011, 07:27 PM
Nice Mahi, good thing you renewed your SeaTow......
And your lucky the Sea Tow captain wasn't this guy!http://www.floridatoday.com/article/20110710/SPORTS05/110709005/Impaired-tow-boat-operator-charged-rescue?odyssey=mod_sectionstories

Insane story! Help is coming and they are hammered & doped up. Great!

07-23-2011, 12:34 AM
Good Job James.... Time to get a new boat buddy! Nice to see your still fishin!

She's in great shape... a new thermostat, poppit valve gasket and shift cable and she's purring like a kitten... with reverse too! Did I mention the recent rebuild to the engine head? There's only about 30 hours on the rebuilt engine! If you ever get offshore out of Jacksonville and see a 17' Bayliner Trophy adrift, dead in the water, don't call the coast guard... we're just drift fishing, trying to save some gas! Nice to hear from you Mandy! How has the fishing up there been?

07-25-2011, 09:14 AM
Well, glad to here the boat is ok. Really have not been doing a lot of fishing, shrimp season started early here from lack of rain so we did that last weekend.
Heading to Ft Pierce this weekend for my birthday to get my snook and hopefully run offshore a few days.
Any advice would be great!