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ACME Ventures Fishing
07-04-2011, 11:33 AM
Despite forecast only a day earlier of 3-4' sea's the weekend turned out
to be great, with sea's at 2' or less. A few showers and one thunderstorm
had to be dodged, but no problem. This trip had a local angler with his
2 sons and a nephew. The Nephew had been on a Inshore charter the
day before with another Captain, and the "Skunk" stayed on the boat the
whole day....Not one Fish! Not gonna happen offshore!

This was primarily about trolling, but some reef fishing was also in the
plans. Lines went in at 120' when Flying Fish appeared. We worked the
area well with no real sucess, so we made our way, dragging lines to the
weather buoy. Just outside the buoy in 145' a weak weed line was found,
and it did not take long to have a fish on the line. This was a Cuda, but
after not seeing a single fish on his charter the previous day, this was a
welcome sight and fight.
Lines continues to seek fish, and after another 30 minutes, another fish,
this time our youngest angler took the rod. Only minutes before he found
himself getting board, and wanting to head to the reef, but with fish on
and rod in hand he now liked trolling! A solo Bull was on the line and
we took our time hoping for a follower, but like so many the past few
weeks, this too was a loner. Into the boat it came for a first Mahi catch
for this angler.
More time trolling with little action until another line took off. This fight
stayed in the water, so not a Mahi. Just outside of gaff range, the shape and
color said Wahoo, but a little inexperience and slack line gave the fish
a "Get out of Jail" card. Still it was a good fight for the young angler.

With showers and lightening in the area, we trolled north, with little action,
and finally made the call to hit the reef's, and allow the young ones some
unlimited catching at 8A. Our 5 second rule once the bait hits the bottom
proved true again, and they had a blast bringing fish up.
Not the best fishing day, but any day with nice weather and some fish caught
is a good day. Back to Port Canaveral we headed. My port motor had a few
"hiccups" on the way out, and I came in on one motor. Despite being slow for
my boat, we still made 22 mph on one motor! With a charter the next day, I
hoped for an easy fix, and it was.

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures Fishing