View Full Version : Yesterday... Went 0 / 1 sight fishing for ling

04-09-2012, 02:54 PM
Got away from the dock just a little bit later than I would have liked, but not too bad. Had VERY HIGH HOPES of catching a fish. Saw one at shell island (not fishing, just hanging out) on Saturday and on board with us were: 3 live eels, half a dozen big live herring, a dozen nice sized choffers and some tried and true jigs.

In they bay, and at this point every bone in my body said we would boat at least one fish. HIGH HOPES!!!!

We ran in gin clear water down to crooked island where water clouded up a little.

Here is a picture the "dirty" water. It was a bit cloudy, but in person it did not have the chalky look that it appears to have in this picture.

At that point we turnd towards the pass. About halfway home we had a big fish suprise us... right up top and headed the wrong way. We got one cast on him, but it was not a very good one. Without controls up top, getting the boat spun around can be a bit difficult. Long story short, we had a hard time getting the boat spun around, but we finally did. At this point, one angler still had the fish in sight, but not for long. She was up top and scooting the wrong way pretty quickly. As we motored within casting distance I looked down and saw a school up bait balled up very tight on the bottom. Clearly the ling was working that ball of bait pretty seriously when we pulled up and that probalby explains why it as headed the wrong way.

Anyway, before getting in casting distance we lost sight of the fish. We circled the area for a while but never saw it again. What we did not do, and probably should have, was flat line two or three of those herrin in that area. Just wasn't thinking. Of course we all also believed that we'd see more fish. We did not.

High hopes gone... rods tossed in the corner and all we had to show for it was one dead eel, a ton of left over ice, and a right sporty fuel tab. It was a beautiful day out here, though. Oh well. That's fishing, I guess.


04-09-2012, 03:19 PM
Looks like a beautiful day even if there were no fish to be had! Sure gives me the itch!

Hey, how far is it from the pass down to Crooked Island?