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07-01-2011, 03:55 PM
I started my years fishin back in April. Had a great three days of fishing for Spanish. Since then nothing but bad luck. Canceled keys trip 400 miles into the trip cuz of bad weather. Then everything seemed to go wrong.

Started this last trip in Mexico Beach. Trolled for kings the afternoon I arrived. Rough confused seas, but I want anyways. Trolled the bouy line where I have had good luck before. Knockdown within five minutes. 23 1/2 inch king. Threw it back. Caught six more all the same size. What the ell? I never caught but one throw back king that I can remember, ever. One big Spanish. Came back in with that one fish.

Next day water was rougher. Heading out canal I saw no boats going out at daybreak, unusual. Had to pick my spot to get out the canal as the waves were breaking at the entrance. Decided to run to carbodies. Took awhile to get there, could only run about 12mph. Finally got there and saw lots of fish on depth finder on structure. Could get a bite going. Tried several different kinds of bait to no avail. Not a boat in sight. Went back to bouy line with repeat of day before. Six more kings. all just undersized. Must have been a huge school of little ones. One more big Spanish. Again had to pick my spot to surf in the canal entrance.

Now to the good part. Next day was scheduled to leave with my buddy and his neighbor on our yearly head boat fishin and bull session trip. This was a two day trip. Boat goes out about 50 miles. We started catchin good snapper on first drop. Next couple drops were small beeliners, {vermillion snapper}. Then as sun started gettin lower, we got on a good spot, {boat didn't leave dock until noon}. First my buddy caught what was to be his biggest snapper {12lb}. Then I caught one just slightly smaller. neighbor caught one about 7 lb. We all had mixed bag of beeliners. Each drop after that resulted in legal snapper, but no really big ones.

Just before sunset I caught my biggest Gag, 20 lb. Fought like a man it did, but the Fish Winch put the hurt on it. My biggest Gag ever and it had to go back. Tore me up. Next drop hooked up again with something big, another Gag, this time 15 lb. I'm gettin beside myself now as this one had to go back too. Buddies were catchin big snapper. Neighbor caught the biggest one, 14 lb. Just after sunset and last drop before anchoring, I hooked something big again. Almost whuped my butt. I had the drag on the Fish Winch set so I couldn't pull it out by hand, but this "thing" seemed to pull drag at will. You could look at my spool and with the Fish Winch motor running full time the spool would run first one direction and then the other. My buddies said shark. Another man said another big grouper. They were all wrong. I finally got the better of the "thing" and Fish winch did it's job and put that fish on the surface. Turned out to be a 50lb Amberjack. That had to go back too. My balance went south the last time I broke my neck in a car wreck. I have to have a post handy to lean against. Ol Amberjsck gave me some bruises to remember it by caused by that post.

We then anchored up . Caught a few Vermillon, and neighbor caught 20 lb king. Then something unusual happened. Captain beeped the horn and we moved to another spot. Mates stayed up all night as there were several of us still fishin. Everyone was laughing at me cuz I dozed off one time with my rod still in my hand. About two in the morning though the Vermillion bite was on. These fish were the biggest Vermillion I have ever caught. Prolly averaged 3lb or maybe a little more. Everyone of em. Not a small one in the crowd. I caught eight in a row of those big beeliners, all the same size. Eight times I let my bait down and eight times a big Vermillion. Then due to a 18 hr fatigue setting in I would miss a few bites before stringing another one.I saw more big snapper caught on this trip that any other in recent memory.

Sorry guys. No pics. I forgot to bring my camera on the boat. Afterwards, even if I had my camera, {which was in my truck at my buddies house}, I was so fatigued I just wanted to get the fish to the cleaning crew and get to a restaurant for some good food. 26 hours straight fishing is a bit much for this worn out body to handle. Even though fatigued, this will ba a trip I won't forget.

07-02-2011, 08:20 AM
Glad you'll got on the fish, sounds like 18hrs of fun.

07-02-2011, 11:39 AM
I love it when a mixed bag comes to town!