View Full Version : New Smyrna/ Edgewater/Mosquito Lagoon/Fishing Report

Capt Michael Savedow
06-28-2011, 10:11 PM
Have been having good catches with clients the last couple of weeks, on Mosquito Lagoon we are catching Redfish mainly fishing cut mullet near the large mullet schools and over grass and sand mixed bottom areas. Summer pattern for slot size Reds in the north Lagoon has loosely schooled fish or singles. Water levels are finally starting to rise with our long awaited rainfall beginning in the last week, opening up lots of new grass flat areas which have been extermely shallow until now, these newly flooded areas are filled with Redfish food which have not been fed upon for many weeks only covered with inches of water.
Seatrout fishing on the Lagoon can be most productive with live Pigfish in summer, when you can get them, as availablility has been slim again so far this year, as was last year after the big freeze of 2010.
Although mixed bag fishing in the Edgewater backcountry has slowed down compared the the great action we had all spring long with many slot sized Trout. We still have fun trips during the summer with steady action from many species including Trout, Ladyfish, Jacks, and throw in a Red, Black Drum, or Flounder. Great trips for the kids or folks with out much experience in saltwater fishing. My main technique for mixed fishing is freeline fishing live shrimp while drifting with the tide along the many underwater drop offs through out the area backcountry.