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02-02-2012, 11:18 PM
Last weekend I spent my two fishing days exploring new areas in the North Indian River and wasn't too lucky, I got some new flies to throw at black drum but of course I havent seen a drum since I got the flies :shrug Anyway I did find some reds in ankle deep water but I just wasn't on top of my casting game and they outdid me.

So today I headed back to some familiar waters in the middle-southern Mosquito lagoon. the reds are schooled up really really nice now, got on my first small school before 7am. It isn't too cold so the fish have no problem being ultra shallow early in the morning, just find a place where there is some deep water close by. the day continued with school after school, lots of tails to throw at out there.

As I was leaving my last spot for the day I had to cross some very shallow water, like insanely shallow water and saw this one red just flopping around, digging in the grass and charging bait. he wasn't tailing since it was so shallow most of his body was exposed. I tossed a fly out and didnt even move it, the fish just attacked and had to turn his whole body sideways to take the fly.. anyways It was just the most amazing sight fishing experience I've had and resulted in my new personal best redfish on a fly at 32in. pictured on the seagrass.

All fish carefully released, I think I caught between 20-30 mostly on small weighted shrimp patterns. Go catch them!!


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sparse grey
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Very nice

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Great shots!