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A Pinellas County Sheriff's detention deputy was kicked out of his own home for a week after his ex-girlfriend accused him of threatening her.

"I felt homeless," Pinellas County Sheriff's deputy Dwight Young told Bay News 9 in an exclusive interview. "Although I had a house, I was homeless for a week. I was staying with a friend with most of clothes in my car."

One week ago, Judge Linda Allan granted a temporary restraining order that allowed Young's former girlfriend, Sarah England-Church, to stay in the deputy's own home for one week.

Young was also ordered to stay 500 feet away from England-Church -- and out of his own home.

"He told me I needed to be out," England-Church said. "He wasnít responsible for what happened to me once he left."

"Itís my oath of honor that I would never threaten a woman in any way like this," Young stated.

On Thursday morning, Young showed up at Pinellas County courtroom hoping to get his Clearwater house back and get his ex-girlfriend out.

Allan signed off on the restraining order, keeping Young out of his home even though England-Church said she had a new home.

Despite the new home, England-Church told the judge the new home would not be ready for one week because chemicals were spilled and the fumes needed to be aired out.

Young said England-Church was living his his home rent free, since the end of Sept.

The deputy said he asked his house guest to leave, because she sold two of his antique chairs while he was at work.

England-Church said Young threatened her with a taser if she didn't give him money in exchange for the chairs and leave his home.

Judge makes decision; strange twist follows ruling

On Thursday, England-Church asked Judge Thomas Minkoff to make the one-week-old restraining order permanent.

After hearing from both parties, Minkoff decided not to grant England-Church's request.

"Iím going to find by the greater weight of the evidence, maíam, that you are not entitled to an injunction for protection against domestic violence. Iím glad you have your own place now that you can get away from him," Thomas said in his ruling.

Young shed tears in relief as he talked to Bay News 9 after the ruling.

The deputy said he thinks it is way too easy for someone to get a temporary restraining order and to literally have a person kicked out of their own home.

"It does not seem right to me," Young said. "Even if I have to leave, give me a chance to give my story the next day. At least give me that right, but do not keep me out of my home for a week."

Young said he is going to be quite careful when allowing someone to stay in his home in the future.

Though she spoke to Bay News 9 previously, England-Church could not be reached for comment because deputies took her away because of an outstanding traffic warrant from New Hampshire.

Deputies later released England-Church when New Hampshire officials said they would not pursue extradition.

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I don't read long pasted posts if the titles are not grammatically correct.

Mackeral Snatcher
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Young..........note to self: don't date psycho bitczes.

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cohabitation without a contract (marriage) leads to this nonsense. :grin Or is it stupid asz judges?

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Thank you ;-)

I don't read long pasted posts if the titles are not grammatically correct.