View Full Version : Non-catching day out of SI

06-21-2011, 06:38 PM
I did a solo trip out of SI looking for some black bass, or anything else that would bite. I started on the north end of the Melbourne 60 ft reef and did not find anything. I ran to the SISA # 3 and pestered a few small bass and the pinfish. While there I put out a 10 inch mullet on a balloon to see if any kings might be in the area. No luck. I also put out a hoo on a light spinning rod. That is the bait the dolphin hit. I got one good run out of her, one jump and we parted company. From SISA 3 I headed for the PA wreck and decided to troll a couple of lines with green islanders in front of them. After about 20 minutes at 6mph a marlin hit my short rig. He billed the bait and picked it up when I dropped it back, but again no solid hook-up. But the marlin slapping the bait 20 yards behind the boat was a thrill. Especially when you do not expect to be playing with marlin in 64 feet of water. Anyway, good weather, the dolphin, and the marlin were enough to make the day interesting. Those looking for dolphin might start trolling in shallow water. Good luck.

06-21-2011, 08:07 PM
It sure beats fishing and at least getting a crack at the man in blue is awsome!!