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06-21-2011, 05:17 PM
Met up with Cracker11, his cousin Bill, and my Bro-In-Law Shawn @ the Scottsmoor ramp Saturday morning. We headed over to the boat house point area and let the NE winds drift us down the east shoreline. Tom yelled out "we've got tails" as Shawn and I were on a sweet topwater Trout bite in 2' of water. Shawn and I both got a 19" Trout a peace and decided to move in shallower but by then the tails had disappeared. After cruising the flats in less then a foot of water now past boat house point with only dink trout and to many lady fish to count all of us decided to head to the west side. Cracker and Bill headed south as Shawn and I stayed due west of boat house point. Once there we found some nice looking bottom but it was loaded with bait killer pin fish. There was a fly fisherman working tight to the shoreline near us, I noticed a tail pop up a few yards from him and I watched as he snagged one with the buggy whip. That gave us a little insight as to where the fish were.....SKINNY!
I made my way into less then a foot of water with a muddy murky bottom and started to see tails! First hook up was to a nice 22" cruising around with his back out of the water in less then 8" of water.
Shorty after I released him into the cooler I noticed a massive Trout with all but his head out of the water in the middle of a grass mat. I made one bad cast that came to close for her comfort and she took off, I quickly reeled in and made a blind cast in the direction she was going and my DOA got hammered but not by the Trout....
Measured in at 24.5" and put up a great fight with most of the fight being in and out of the heavy grass mats. Both reds where caught on a DOA holographic 1/4oz shrimp rig weedless on an Owner Twist & Lock 3/0 wide gap hook.
That was it for me for the day, Cracker and Bill were heading north as we decided to call it a day with them finishing off the day with Cracker getting him a red from what I hear.
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06-21-2011, 06:17 PM
Nice report. Good to see they're still out there.