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06-06-2011, 07:41 PM
Out of Ponce inlet the last few weeks the Dolphin bite has slowed a bit. Most fish were being caught between 180 and 300 ft.

Back on may 20th in the King Of the Inlet tourny. We were fishing in 240 up to the north had a pretty decent dolphin around When the Man showed up . The man in the Blue suit. Blue Marlin crashing our spread Nice excitement we were not ready for.
Not a bad day at all when you can catch 12 phins to 30lbs and release 3 sails.


06-07-2011, 08:55 AM
Pretty work

06-07-2011, 03:53 PM
I was out of Ponce this weekend (6-4-11) for a short while anyway, and am sharing the following in hopes it will be helpful to others. Not trying to hijack this post but didn't want to add a separate Ponce report for this short story, hope you won't mind GoFish.
I have not been able to get offshore for a few months so like most I went through the boats systems and performed the expected maintenance and replacements. I took a few shake down trips, first on the river then out a few miles and felt all was good to go. The only thing I forgot were the fuel filters. Man I was upset at myself, I knew better it just slipped my mind. Now I have a check list so I won't forget again. The motor shut down approx. 16 miles out and while waiting for Sea Tow to arrive we saw a sail fish, may have been two, busting on a bait ball. If they were only in reach of my casting rods.... I want to thank Captain Paul of Sea Tow, what a great guy. He brought me new filters and a wrench then stuck around while I tried to get running again. Thanks Captain Paul, your humourous comments did not go un-noticed.
As luck would have it, just as Captin Paul arrived a Manta ray swam across our stern with several Cobia (I counted 4) swimiing along with it. Since Sea Tow was on site we were unable to make a cast. We were in approx. 90' of water.
Hope someone can benifit from my forgetfulness and the fishing report. Good luck to all.