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11-26-2011, 12:37 PM
where do you guys come up with your numbers?

For example the Saltist 6500H

Mono line Capacity is 250 yards of 30 pound but 550 yards of 70 pound Daiwa Samurai.

Something isn't adding up because on the Daiwa Samurai site


Its says 70 pound Samurai has the Diameter of 0.016 inches. So if we take 250 x .022 (common line diameter of most 30 pound monos) it equals 6.6 total capacity factor

550 x 0.16 equals 8.8 TCF

There is two things that I think, one you guys have your numbers messed up and two Samurai is thinner than published or stated, which I tend to agree on because I have 30 pound and 55 pound Samurai and it seems extremely thin compared to powerpro and Suffix Braid in similar sizes.

No way a saltist 6500 holds 550 yards of 70 pound braid.

Its more like 415 yards of 70 pound braid. (6.6 / .016 = 412 yards)

The reason I am asking is I did the numbers because I have two Saltist 6500's that I have to put backing on and I need to know how much because I have two spools of 55 pound Samurai that are 300 yards each.

I just thought I would pass a long your mono and braid numbers don't add up. I always go by mono anyway and convert it over because Mono line diameter has more of a standard than braid.

04-15-2012, 06:52 PM
I don't know if you ever figured out your answer but one thing I read a time ago is the spool capacity is not linear to line diameter. A line for example that is .010 inches diameter and fills a spool with 100 yards will not equate to a line of .012 inches (20% larger diameter) filling same spool to 80 yards (20% less) Diameter effects the line around it in four directions. If you increase the diameter it allows less line beside it and above it. So if you know a spool holds X amount of Y lbs. it will not be that easy to convert to other capacities. Saying that there is a equations I have seen that does help calculate this with some conversion factor included but it states its just a guess. Also braid will fill better than mono because is will "squish" to fill in the gaps around it better than mono will. Think of a soft rope versus something like pvc pipe stacked up.

Jack Hexter
09-06-2012, 11:13 PM
If you have 2 identical reels to fill, put the braid on one, then top off the spool with backing and measure the backing, then reverse it on to the second reel. Use the same amount of backing when starting the first spool for the second time