View Full Version : SI Offshore Big Bull 6/18

Average Joe
06-20-2011, 11:48 AM
Headed out around 6 am., found some scattered weeds around 130' and trolled for a little while with nothing. Picked up and headed east and found a nice long weed line in 230' right on the edge of the stream. We were trolling for 2 1/2 hours with nothing but a Barracuda. I decided to pick up the lines and run the length of the weedline until I saw some action on top, and sure enough after a few minutes of running I saw one jump. Pulled up right next to the weeds and started getting bait on the sabiki, and right away started free lining one. Had 5 or 6 live baits in the well and here comes the big bull and and a few of his classmates. He grabbed the livey right away and broke me off in seconds. Threw in another livey on a 20 lbs class old school penn jigmaster with a 50lb leader and 2 minutes later he was back on. It took me a while to get him to the gaff. He was making some long runs under the weeds and jumping on the other side. My line was coming up full of weeds a few times making me a bit nervous. In the meanwhile I had my 8 year old nephew cutting ballyhoo, chumming it up to keep the school feeding. By this time the school of bait was taking cover under the boat so we were golden. Gaffed the big boy and he went in the box, grabbed a spinning rod, hooked up a livey, threw it in and hooked up in seconds. I let my nephew pull in another two, then he had a third and it broke off next to the boat. Check the picture out of the big one with two hooks in his mouth. The jighead is what he broke off first then came back and took his last meal on the 6/0 bait hook. This was my nephew's second trip out in the boat and he was able to real in 4 'phins so he is stoked. 2960961962

06-20-2011, 04:13 PM