View Full Version : 6/17 Melb Beach Wading

06-19-2011, 01:18 PM
Went out friday with a buddy fishing Melbourne Beach area. We were in the water at 545. I decided to throw a doa deadly combo that I tied up (popping cork and a DOA shrimp) and Ill tell ya, I had as many hits on the bright orange cork as I did on the shrimp for a while! lol That thing was so torn up from trout teeth by the end of the morning. I got a few small trout and was still getting the popping cork hit every other cast so I switched up to a top water and had a few hits but no takers so I switched back to the deadly combo and caught some more trout and since my buddy wasnt having much luck on CALs I hooked him up on a deadly combo and we both caught a bunch of trout. He caught the biggest at 19.5" and I added and 18", 17", and 16" to the stringer. Still no snook or reds around there for me, but Ill get em soon!

The coolest part of the morning for me was I was popping the popping cork and had a hit and started reeling in what I thought to be a dinky little trout and then all of a sudden it started pulling hard and taking a little drag. I got it up close and saw it was a nice trout over 20"! I reached down for the leader and the big ol' trout opened up its mouth and swam away, but still attached to my doa shrimp was a +10" trout! Duckman told me the other day about something like 10% of the trouts diet was other trout, and sure enough! lol needless to say, the little guy didnt make it. Ill see if I can post the pic of it later. All in all another great morning wading the IRL!

Indian River Joel
06-19-2011, 07:34 PM
Sounds like a good day to me. We caught some nice trout in that size range on Friday as well. Along with a few reds and a pretty good size snook that broke off.