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10-19-2011, 11:51 PM
Hey Everyone,

I'm James. I'm not new to fishing, but I am new to fishing in FL. I live in Middleburg and have been fishing Black Creek and recently started going out to the St Johns and up to the Sisters Creek area. I am going to be hitting the Vilano beach and St Augustine area more and more now that I know what I'm doing (sorta).

I was more into freshwater fishing but I have been bitten by the salt bug again. Since last weekend when my Wife an I caught some Reds, croaker and a few trout on Sisters Creek I cant wait to get back out there.

I have a welded G3 Gator Tough 1756 Center Console that can basically go anywhere in-shore. Im not afraid to bang it off the bottom or take it waaay back in the woods to look for gators, gar, or catfish. Or back in the creeks to go after Reds and trout! Kingsley lake @ Camp Blanding is close to my house so I plan on going there too. If anyone is from the area and wants to let me in on any hotspots your welcome to show me! I got the gas, the boat, and the time!

If anyone needs a deck hand for hunting gators or offshore/inshore stuff Im ready to go. I don't know the first thing about gators or offshore but I want to learn and I learn quick.

Im in the Marines and Stationed at NAS Jax. Im Retiring in June, so I am about to become a full time "outdoorsman"....For a little while untill my wife makes me get a job.

11-11-2011, 01:49 PM
Hello James:

I am not too familiar with those areas, I spent most of my time on the southside, NS mayport area, oak harbor area, ICW etc.
Gators are very seasonal and you need permits for them, so be careful. Not sure but I hear gar is also being taken off the 'available' list too.... morons......

Not that I need a deck hand but would be happy to take you fishing if you want and show you around these parts of town... if you can stand being seen with a retired squid that is.

As far as the wife and job, err a job can take months to get, especially in this economy.. wink wink..... oh and a commercial fishing license is fairly cheap too.... once you go commercial, technically... that is a job too wink wink..