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07-12-2011, 12:43 AM
Hey guys..Brent here. Had my 20 Key West DC for just about a year now...love the outdoors and love to fish but I am having a hard time learning on my own out of the St Augustine area. Me, my brother and my wife all love to fish but we just don't know that much....prob already spent way too much money and have plenty of gear but I just need some quality time on the water and would love to make some fishing friends..I am willing to supply gas, bait, etc if you can show us some tricks. I am kind of a safety freak and have only had my boat out 20 miles in 2-3'...I get nervous just going in and out of the inlet. Got 4 bottom rigs, a couple of trolling setups and some inshore rod/reels....learning to throw a cast net and catch some shrimp on the St Johns when I get a chance.

Would like to start in the ICW first learning how to target flounder, reds, seatrout and sheepshead (had decent luck teaching myself so far)....really looking for someone that has experience, loves to fish but just doesn't have boat right now. I know a 20 Key West DC isn't the best kind of boat to fish out of but I have a wife and 3 girls so we made a compromise and it didn't break me!

Taking the boat to the Keys next week for vacation but will be off the next week we get back (week of July 24-31)..shoot me a message if interested.

Great thread and a great idea. Thx for the forum.