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Boating Bum
06-29-2011, 08:22 AM
Hey guys my name's Ben and I do most of my fishing inshore on kayak or canoe so if anyone ever wants to paddle around with me let me know. I haven't done much offshore fishing since the bottom regulations have been tightened but I jump on the opportunity to get offshore. I'm down for bottom, trolling, beach fishing for kings, ect. Of course I pay my share and do my part in the boat/fish cleaning. Weekends are best for me, so if anyone ever needs extra crew feel free to give me a shout. 9048917767

Hey Ben - Do you have another username that you use that is similar to paddlejax? I belong to another local jaxkayaking forum where I have seen a similar name, just curious..

I too have a couple of kayaks and a 25 WA Cobia which is good for some offshore fishing. Weekends are good for me as well.
I have been in this area for a while but don't get out enough to say that I am an experienced top notch Florida fishermen.LOL
I do have most of the gear needed for inshore and offshore fishing. I however can use some help with the costs, plus putting in and managing the boat when the fish is on ;) I prefer not to have more then 3 people fishing on my boat while fishing due to area limitations.

I usually put in at Sisters Creek but recently have been doing so at Villano. Villano is a pretty good ways from my home where I store my boat and I'm not as familiar with that area.

PM me if interested.